BBW Recap: Jennifer Stirs the Pot + Tami & Evelyn Have Another Showdown

Basketball Wives Season 7 Episode 3
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By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer does her best to stir the pot again. While at Jackie’s event, she gets Evelyn and Tami to talk. But this only leads to another bout of shade thrown by the ladies. Things turn up as Tami brings up Ta’Kari’s Go Fund Me donation from Evelyn, which leads to another argument between Evelyn and Jackie.

Also, Evelyn and Jennifer get called out by Cece and Kristen at Cece’s spa for spreading rumors about what happens at Cece’s spa. An attempt to flip things on Kristen goes awry as Kristen and Cece begin to believe the OG’s cannot be trusted.

Lastly, the OG’s meet Jackie’s friend O.G., but neither seem all too impressed by her, or her swimsuit.

Here’s the recap for, “Episode 3.”

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  1. Tami is clearly over this show so why did she even come back? Do your movies and bonnet chronicles stuff and just leave the show.

  2. Not feeling how they are already talking down to OG. Especially Tami when she makes it a point to highlight how much of an evil b*tch Evelyn is.

  3. Evelyn read Tami. But I just knew Tami was going to have a good comeback. When she didn’t, I realized that Tami really does not want to be there anymore. I don’t know what VH1 offered her but sometimes you have to wonder if more money is worth it if you hate being on the show.

  4. Wasn’t Tami the one who convinced Jen to have a sit down with Evelyn last season? Wasn’t Tami the one who vouched for Evelyn and told Jen she is not likely to throw a bottle or anything like she did in Miami. She played a part in getting them back together, and now that they’re cool again she pressed about it. That’s crazy af Lol! I also don’t like how Tami trying to bring light to the sh-t Jen said about Evelyn when they wasn’t speaking. I’m sure Jen wasn’t talking alone, so Tami should bring light to sh-t she said as well because neither one of them was speaking to Evelyn at one point. Evelyn got her all the way together with that busted a-s wig and fanny pack read. Tami was speechless.

  5. Man f-ck Tami. She really acts like we forgot how much of a miserable b-tch she was back in the day. She may have some people fooled but she ain’t no better than Evelyn. She stay talking a lot of sh-t in her confessionals too. So she can have a stadium of seats getting salty about her stank a-s walk being mocked.

  6. Tami can’t call anyone messy. She’s been messy since she’s been on BBW. That’s her whole career.

  7. Oh Tami bye she knows none of these women are friends. They are all there for a check only. So Jenn stirring up the pot keeps them all employed and everybody watching. She’s been in the game too long to take everything so personal. She’s so dry this season. Acting like she’s above it all now.

  8. It’s something about Reggie I still don’t trust. And Tami looks kind of sickly. I hope she’s healthy.

  9. Jen and Ev back-tracked, lied and ate crow when confronted by CeCe. Ev looking for her next meal ticket. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t find the crazy doctor who put all of those eggs in Octomom so she can set herself up through her retirement age with Carl’s money.

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