BBW Recap: Jennifer Stirs the Pot + Tami & Evelyn Have Another Showdown

Evelyn and Jackie defend their “joke” about Cece.

The episode opens at Shaunie’s house. She’s talking to Tami about her budding marijuana business. Tami tells Shaunie that Reggie wants to propose. She wants the wedding ring to be on point.

Things get serious when they talk about Evelyn and Jennifer’s friendship. Tami feels Jennifer is acting messy, and she and Evelyn “deserve each other.”

As a result, Tami’s going to give Jennifer some distance.

Evelyn and Jennifer meet with Cece to get to know one another and to squash the rumors Evelyn and Jennifer been spreading. Cece tells them both that the stories are false and she wants to get to the bottom of it. Jennifer is adamant is that the “happy ending” portion is a joke.

In her interview, Cece calls them mean girls. But in their face, Cece has a straight face. She notices that they are driving a wedge between her and Kristen. Evelyn and Jennifer apologize, and Evelyn is adamant that they were joking.

“We got to be careful about what we’re saying out here.” – Evelyn

Despite this, Cece invites the ladies to her spa party. Jennifer asks, “No happy endings, right?”

Evelyn and Jennifer get messy again, flipping the script on Kristen.

Malaysia and Cece help set up for her spa party. Jackie joins the them and Cece puts her in a device for a procedure on her breasts. Jackie finds the machine pleasurable. As this goes on, the OG’s join them, and Malaysia’s shocked to see them show up.

In her green screen interview, Evelyn jokes that Jackie needs her neck and Adam’s Apple massaged.

But Evelyn and Jackie are acting cordial for now. Kristen shows up and everyone is cordial. Jennifer makes her a drink as a way to get her to “tell her the truth.”

Jennifer is mad at Kristen because she didn’t tell Cece that she and Evelyn were joking about the rumor.

When Kristen says she tells the truth without liquor, Evelyn and Jennifer use that as an opportunity to confront her about not telling Cece that it’s a joke.

This angers her and she goes off on Evelyn and Jennifer.

But Jennifer is adamant about being left off of it.

“Leave me the f*** out of it!” – Jennifer

She uses her court issues with Tim Norman as an excuse for being stressed out and not needing to be involved. Malaysia and Cece jump in, and Cece begins to cry.

“It’s hurting my business!” – Cece

But at the end of it, they all seem to be willing to move past this. Jackie then jokes about giving happy endings herself.

Tami shops for a wedding dress.

The next day, Lyric and Tami are shopping for wedding dresses. Tami is smitten about Reggie “genuinely” showing her that a man can love her. Lyric has grown to like Reggie and is happy for them. She’s happy that Tami is happy and wants a conversation with Reggie to smooth things over.

While shopping, Tami seems to find her wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Cece and Kristen are out hanging out, recapping Cece’s party. Cece is angry that the party turned out the way she did. As a result, she not feeling any of the women. Kristen asks her if she feels she does have her back. Cece says that Evelyn and Jennifer were twisting things around in their favor.

Out a at restaurant, Jackie has Tami meet her friend O.G. Jackie feels O.G. and Tami may have a lot in common. O.G. tells Tami that she feels like she’s looking in the mirror meeting Tami.

“What mirror are you looking at girl? Mirror Mirror is not on this wall. Mmm-Hmm.” – Tami

During their conversation, Tami gets impressed with her resume.

Jackie gossips about what happened at Cece’s party. Tami tells the girls how she told Jennifer not to be messy. O.G. wants to hang out with the girls, despite them being messy. Jackie and O.G. are throwing a Nigerian-themed bbq and O.G. wants Jackie to invite the girls.

Lyric and Reggie find a good place.

Meanwhile, Lyric and Reggie are out flower shopping. While out, Lyric uses the time to talk to Reggie. Lyric wants him to know she isn’t stuck up and was just guarded after what happened with her father. Reggie says he’s happy about her opening up to him.

“I feel like you and Jazz are my family. Real talk.” – Reggie

Lyric apologizes but Reggie says they should move on from it.

Jennifer and Tami hang out at a bar, and Jennifer feels in a weird place. That’s because she’s friends with Evelyn again. Tami invited her to Jackie and O.G.’s party but Tami’s adamant about not being friends with Evelyn. She tells Jennifer that she thinks Jennifer, and Shaunie are playing both sides.

“Don’t be a hypocrite.” – Tami

Jackie is at her event, and she wears a black turtleneck while wrapped in yellow African fabric. When seen by the other cast members, they immediately make jokes about the get up.

“Jackie went to Wakanda so fast. She’s full on ‘Black Panther’ and I am just so confused.” – Kristen

O.G. shows up in her bikini outfit, and Kristen says she looks, “A hot a** mess.”

“I don’t know the ones that wear the crowns with their a** out…” – Tami

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Kristen re pre-gaming in the limo on the way to the party. Evelyn is still not ready to see or hang out with Jackie.

They arrive and Jackie’s mood changes. Evelyn and Jennifer keep their distance. They see O.G. and they don’t like the outfit either.

Jennifer walks over to Tami while Jackie’s at the bar, and she tries to play peacemaker. Jennifer calls Evelyn over to join them.

“This girl stirs more pots than Martha Stewart.” – Tami

Evelyn and Jackie argue again about Ta’Kari’s Go Fund Me page.

During their conversation, Evelyn beings up how Tami got in the middle of Evelyn and Jackie with Evelyn donating to Ta’Kari’s Go Fund Me page. Tami get’s messy herself, calling Jackie over to get information about when the photos of her grand baby came out.

They argue about when the pages were made, with Jackie saying they were made long after the incident occurred. Evelyn still is adamant about donating 1.5 weeks after the photos came out.

Overall, Tami is adamant about establishing respect between her and Evelyn. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Kristen look on as Tami brings up the impressions Evelyn did about Tami.

“I want to see the jester perform for the queens in the building.” – Tami

“I am flattered you took the time to perfect me. That’s what my fans do.” – Tami

“No, I am not a fan honey.” – Evelyn

Tami then tells Evelyn that she has a bonnet for Evelyn to really get into the role. Evelyn clapped back, saying that she actually had the “busted wig and fanny pack” Tami wore when they first met.

Surprisingly Tami had no comeback for this.

Suddenly, Jennifer stirs the pot some more, asking if they can put the Go fund Me behind them. Evelyn brings up how Jackie called her daughter a “build-a-w****.”

Jackie’s livid talking about this topic again.

The episode ends with Jackie saying, “I’m done!”

What did you think of the episode?

Kristen and Jennifer clash. #BasketballWives #BasketballWivesLA #BBWLA #RealityTV

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Jackie and Evelyn clash. #BasketballWives #BasketballWivesLA #BBWLA #RealityTV

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  1. Tami is clearly over this show so why did she even come back? Do your movies and bonnet chronicles stuff and just leave the show.

  2. Not feeling how they are already talking down to OG. Especially Tami when she makes it a point to highlight how much of an evil b*tch Evelyn is.

  3. Evelyn read Tami. But I just knew Tami was going to have a good comeback. When she didn’t, I realized that Tami really does not want to be there anymore. I don’t know what VH1 offered her but sometimes you have to wonder if more money is worth it if you hate being on the show.

  4. Wasn’t Tami the one who convinced Jen to have a sit down with Evelyn last season? Wasn’t Tami the one who vouched for Evelyn and told Jen she is not likely to throw a bottle or anything like she did in Miami. She played a part in getting them back together, and now that they’re cool again she pressed about it. That’s crazy af Lol! I also don’t like how Tami trying to bring light to the sh-t Jen said about Evelyn when they wasn’t speaking. I’m sure Jen wasn’t talking alone, so Tami should bring light to sh-t she said as well because neither one of them was speaking to Evelyn at one point. Evelyn got her all the way together with that busted a-s wig and fanny pack read. Tami was speechless.

  5. Man f-ck Tami. She really acts like we forgot how much of a miserable b-tch she was back in the day. She may have some people fooled but she ain’t no better than Evelyn. She stay talking a lot of sh-t in her confessionals too. So she can have a stadium of seats getting salty about her stank a-s walk being mocked.

  6. Tami can’t call anyone messy. She’s been messy since she’s been on BBW. That’s her whole career.

  7. Oh Tami bye she knows none of these women are friends. They are all there for a check only. So Jenn stirring up the pot keeps them all employed and everybody watching. She’s been in the game too long to take everything so personal. She’s so dry this season. Acting like she’s above it all now.

  8. It’s something about Reggie I still don’t trust. And Tami looks kind of sickly. I hope she’s healthy.

  9. Jen and Ev back-tracked, lied and ate crow when confronted by CeCe. Ev looking for her next meal ticket. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t find the crazy doctor who put all of those eggs in Octomom so she can set herself up through her retirement age with Carl’s money.

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