Comedian Lil Rel Howery Slams Tracy Morgan in Defense of Tiffany Haddish

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Tiffany Haddish continues to have a rock star career, but she’s no stranger to controversy.

Now that the #WhoBitBeyonce story has lost its life, Tiffany is a hot topic on social media now that one of her own costars seems to be over discussing her…well at least in their interviews.

Tracy Morgan did not react positively to a question about Tiffany, so fellow comedian Lil Rel Howery clapped back in her defense.

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  1. I can understand why he’s annoyed because Tiff isn’t even funny but you can’t handle the question like this. He could have just said I’m happy for Tiff but I really want to talk about the show. This just seemed so bitter.

  2. While I agree Tracy was wrong and hostile for no reason, Lil Rel needs to scale it back by a lot. Tracy had a name well before anyone knew who Tiff was. Tiff may have more buzz now but one day she won’t. And I’m sure when that time comes she’s not going to appreciate someone telling her that the new and hot comedian is giving her relevance.

  3. This makes me wonder if something happened between Tracy and Tiffany behind the scenes. It doesn’t seem like he likes her very much.

  4. I’m just be honest Tracy Morgan not even that funny too me… he always be that man trying too sell stuff off Martin. Didn’t Tracy get a lot money back on that settlement… so what’s the problem. I’m happy for Tiffany success I’m always remember Tiffany from Janky Promoters. Tracy just sounded bitter

  5. The Last OG is my ish! Tracy, his (TV) cousin, & Cedric have kept me laughing thus far. I’ve always thought that having Tiffany on there was a bit odd. She isn’t funny to me & I wouldn’t miss her if she was written off the show or simply replaced or by an actress like Regina King or Yvette Nicole Brown.

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