Jackie Christie’s Daughter Chantel Calls out Ta’Kari Lee

Chantel Christie
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Jackie Christie has a strained relationship with her oldest daughter Ta’Kari. And apparently, the relationship between both of her daughters is also strained.

In fact, the strain between sisters Chantel Christie and Ta’Kari Lee had a public episode earlier this week. A public birthday shout out from Ta’Kari to Chantel got a surprisingly negative response from her sister.

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  1. I see Chantel has changed her tune on Jackie. Back in the day, she sided with her sister. I guess she realizes who butters her bread.

  2. I ain’t surprised she backtracking because she needs Jackie and Doug to help take care of her and her child. She knows she spoke the truth when she talked to Laura Govan that time smh.

  3. Chantel needed too stay out of it… so she said happy bday online and people saw it. Ok now Chantel saying all this girl sit down somewhere. You was ghost when the book and blogs was saying stuff

  4. She is trash for this. At least she said happy birthday to her a**. Look we know the truth Jackie is a s***** mom period. Chantel is the real builder w****.

  5. Children need to understand that siblings won’t always have the same experiences. Respect that and don’t take sides. Especially when you’re only siding with your parent because they are still financially supporting you.

  6. I’m curious as to the allegedly “f-cked up sh-t” Takari said about her. I watched Takari’s entire interview on Hollywood Unlocked and not once did she bash Chantel. She actually stated that Chantel was there for her during the whole burning ordeal. I guess money and fame talk.

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