Pregnant Cardi B Claps Back As She’s Criticized for Clubbing with Offset As He Smokes

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Cardi B, who’s pregnant,is no stranger to controversy. Recently, she’s been in an on-going beef with fellow rapper Azealia Banks.

Now, she’s defending herself from critics after she was filmed partying with her fiancé Offset in a club.

Some felt it was out of line for Offset to be smoking around the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

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  1. Is she for real? Because she could have easily logged off social media for her sanity a long a-s time ago. She chose not to. So what does that have to do with her ignorant fiancé blowing smoke in her face while she’s pregnant?

  2. Offset really doesn’t give a f-ck about her or that baby. If she took her head out of her own a-s she’d she that.

  3. The fact that Cardi or Offset don’t see a problem with her inhaling that smoke while she’s pregnant says alot about the both of them. The health of that baby should be above everything else it’s called being a parent. Cardi has really gotten ridiculous smh.

  4. Wow. And he literally blew the smoke in her face too. Cardi girl get some self esteem immediately.

  5. It’s pretty much understood that you don’t smoke while pregnant or be around smoke while pregnant. But I’m not surprised he did this and she doesn’t care. He’s already shown he doesn’t respect her and Cardi has already shown that she doesn’t respect herself.

  6. I mean, assuming they live together? I’m sure she’s around smoke all the time. This is bigger than them being in a club.

  7. Ok so why is everyone ignoring the fact that she at the club? Unless she had a schduled performance which i heard she cancelled the rest of, she has no need to be there. Money clearly didn’t buy her any class

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