‘Claws’ Recap: Desna’s in Charge, Roller’s Forced to Marry + Dean Knows Virginia’s Secret

Desna meets with the Husser family about Riva’s demands.

The season begins at Desna’s nail salon. But she’s not with clients. She’s meeting with Uncle Daddy, Roller, Bryce and the doctor. Desna’s giving the rundown about how things will run with the Russians in charge.

The doctor tells them that they can’t deposit the money fast enough, despite the business slowing down somewhat. Desna tells Bryce and Roller to begin making deposits everyday to get it under control, and set up a meeting between Uncle Daddy and an Oxy wholesaler.

Kenneth, the doctor, tells Desna that Uncle Daddy isn’t taking this seriously. Desna notices this too. She reminds them that the Russians put Desna in charge, keeping them in check.

After the meting, Desna spends the night with her “doctor” boyfriend Gregory.

Olga comes by the shop, throwing everyone in a panic.

The next morning, Desna stops by her house to check in on Dean. Dean’s upset because Virginia told him about what Desna has going on with the Russians.

But Desna calms Dean down, telling him she has everything under control. Next, Desna makes it to the salon, greeting everyone. Although Desna tries to stay serious, Jennifer walks over, noticing that Desna’s “glowing” from her night with Greg.

“Would you look at that afterglow. You can’t fake that ripeness for real.” – Jennifer

Polly joins in on the fun, along with Jennifer’s customer.

“I can notice that over here. My husband hasn’t gone down on me since LeBron left.” – Jenn’s customer

Later on, Poly sees Marnie off for the day, as she’s looking after her now. And Quiet Ann’s upset at her former detective girlfriend Arlene Branch looking happy with her softball team.

Ann learned about this from Instagram, and shows Desna the photo Arlene posted. Poly tells her not to stalk her. As they’re talking, Jennifer causes chaos in the shop, as Roller’s baby mama is on her way into the shop.

They all frantically put on their scrubs, switch out magazines and make the shop more comfortable to her. This includes a “Russian Mix” cd and a photo of Russian Prime Minster Vladimir Putin with President Trump.

They all joke that Roller’s baby mama is always coming around.

“Like HPV.” – Jennifer

“KGB HPV.” – Poly

Finally, all of the techs stand at the door, ready to greet her.

Roller tries to start things back with Desna, but is denied.

While she’s there, Virginia (who happens to be pregnant) runs off to the bathroom to throw up. Roller and Bryce come by the shop to tell Desna that they can’t make the deposits. Apparently, their tax ID number has “too many digits.”

Desna gets on them for just now coming by about this, and pulls Roller into the officer. Bryce and Jenn talk, but things quickly sour as Bryce comes off as distant. They aren’t together right now and Jennifer wants to talk.

“So you ruined our marriage for some random d***?” – Bryce

“You know what? I am so sick of being judged by Vanilla Bryce.” – Jennifer

In the office, Desna tells them that they gotta take this Russian thing seriously, but Roller says they plan on taking her out, getting back in charge. He’s also interested in starting their old thing again, grabbing Desna by the waist. But Desna isn’t here for it.

“You miss them days.” – Roller

“No, you miss them days.” – Desna

She then hands Roller deposit slips to handle everything. When they leave, Roller and Bryce head over into Hank’s dance studio and try to attack him. Luckily, Roller is there and holds him back. Jennifer slept with Hank, so Bryce blames him for ruining their marriage. Hank tells them that if they come back, he will call the police.

Kenneth burns money.

The two of them finally end up in the clinic, and there’s a long wait to see the doctor. When Bryce and Roller head to the office, they hear a fire alarm and see smoke. They barge into Kenneth’s office to see him burning money. They stop Kenneth and tell him to not burn the money.

But Kenneth panics because they aren’t depositing the money fast enough and his office is full of plastic bags of cash.

Riva comes by with new demands for Uncle Daddy.

Back at the salon, Jennifer’s client is happy with her nails. When she leaves, she tells Desna she liked how things were decorated before. Desna agrees with her. Suddenly, Riva stops by, pulling Desna away. Riva wants Uncle Daddy and his dancers to sell cocaine at She She’s.

She tells Desna to get Uncle Daddy to show up to the nursing home to pick up the drug package. Riva calls it an important night as she’s trying to book Milo Nilopolis to DJ a baby shower, so they need to show up by 8 PM.

When Riva leaves, she tells Olga, Roller’s baby mama, that her mom is coming by. Olga tells Riva she doesn’t want to see her mother, and neither does Riva.

She also tells Riva that the Husslers better be at the nursing home on time.

When she leaves, Jennifer tells the girls about Riva’s plan with the Husslers. She also tells them she must meet with Uncle Daddy.

“Now I gotta light a fire under Clay’s pasty a**.” – Desna

Meanwhile, Uncle Daddy is still mourning Jaunda’s death. He’s having a yard sale. Desna stops by and sees him arguing with his customers and Toby, who feels neglected. Desna delivers the news, but Uncle Daddy is more interested in venting about Riva killing his wife. He also openly wonders if Desna is enjoying her newfound power.

“I thought you wanted out of this life.” – Uncle Daddy

“Well I made a choice. We all did.” – Desna

Dean tells Virginia he knows about her pregnancy.

Virginia and Dean are together and awkwardly bump into each other at the bathroom. Although she’s desperate trying to hide pregnancy symptoms from Dean, Dean easily notices.

He tells Virginia that she’s probably 6-7 weeks pregnant, and runs down her symptoms. Virginia says she was going to tell him, and Dean says he knew she would and grabs her hand.

“I was being patient.” – Dean

Later that night, Desna hangs with Greg for another date. They are cooking and dancing to music. Desna’s still enamored with Greg, calling him perfect.

“You cannot be that perfect.” – Desna

“Well, I am” – Greg

Afterwards, Desna begins to vent about her “boss.” Greg tells Desna to “start a revolution” with her boss if she’s unhappy. Meanwhile, Greg gets a call from Uncle Daddy, asking to take Riva out. He tells Uncle Daddy to be patient.

Riva’s sister arrives, and kills her.

At her home, Riva gets bad news. Not only did Uncle Daddy and his crew not pick up the drugs, Olga’s mother arrived. Riva calls Desna, but she doesn’t pick up. So Riva throws a glass in anger.

Desna then calls Poly and interrupts her dinner with Kenneth and Marnie. She tells them that Desna’s in “deep s***.” So she runs and gets her. So she pulls her away and Desna tells Greg she’s gonna make it up to him.

Meanwhile Olga and her mom are finally talking. While crying, Olga tells her that Roller wants nothing to do with her. She then reveals to her mom that she’s angry she didn’t raise her. But her mom tells Olga Riva turned them against each other.

Eventually, Desna head out to meet Riva with Ann and Poly at the senior center. But first, they stop by and pick up the package. Riva meets them in the drug room and introduces them to Zlata, Olga’s mother. She asks Desna about Uncle Daddy not showing up and mentions the deposits weren’t made.

But suddenly, Riva and Zlata begin arguing, as Riva tells her to stay out of the way. While arguing in Russian, Riva tells Zlata that she’s blaming everyone for her mistakes. Zlata bites back, saying Riva turned Olga against her.

As Desna tries to slip away, Zlata puts a gun on her and the rest of them. Zlata tells Desna that she will find out where they live and they will bomb the whole block. And then cut their limbs off one by one.

“That is what we do in Georgia. Am I right?” – Zlata

“But we’re not in Georgia anymore.” – Riva

“You’re right. We’re not in Georgia anymore.” – Zlata

She then turns the gun away from Desna, to Riva and shoots her in the head. Ann, Desna and Poly all get hit with blood, as Zlata tells them, “I choose lane.”

She then tells them to get some rest.

“We’ll start tomorrow.” – Zlata

Olga walks in, sees Riva laid out shot in the head, and says nothing.

Zlata makes changes to the operation.

The next day, the girls are reeling at the shop. Poly begins whaling, panicking about possibly going back to prison. Desna and Jenn try to calm her down but Poly starts hyperventilating. Fortunately, they all get her to relax as they get her to envision having a cookout with the Kennedys.

But things get tense again when Zlata comes into the nail shop with a full-sized display of herself. Zlata tells Desna that she would never have killed her.

She then tells how Riva turned their family against her and what she did with Olga was the final straw. Zlata also mentions she saw herself in Desna at he nursing home when Riva was giving out orders.

Finally, Olga gives each of them an envelope of cash. She wants to build a sisterhood within the operation.

“I want to show to the men that we can be just as bad, and have more fun doing it.” – Zlata

She’s going to keep the operation at the clinic and She She’s going. But she wants to have an all male revue at She She’s, and change the name. Zlata wants to call it “Hammer and Pickle.”

Ann and Virginia are commissioned to find the dancers. Poly volunteers to “train” the dancers. Jennifer volunteers to stay with the salon.

Virginia immediately heads to two nerdy white men outside and begins recruiting.

At She She’s, Uncle Daddy doesn’t seem all that interested in handling the new change in management. Desna and Bryce give Zlata details on the clinic operation, much to Uncle Daddy’s protesting.

Ann and Virginia come across hispanic foreigners waiting along a block for work. They pick up as many as can fit into Ann’s van. Afterwards, Poly is showing them the ropes as Bel Biv Devoe “Do Me Baby” plays.

In the back office, Zlata tells Desna she wants more clinics to open and for her to spearhead it. But Desna pleads that she keeps the rest of the girls out of the drug business as much as possible.

Zlata seems to be okay with this, but tells Desna she needs to get Uncle Daddy and his crew to respect her word.

“You need to teach them a lesson, like I say in my book.” – Zlata

Desna smiles as Zlata takes her to “show them who’s boss.”

Zlata makes her presence known, forcing Roller to marry her daughter.

Zlata takes Desna to a room where Bryce is surrounded by three men in front of a tv. They turn on the tv to reveal footage from the office at the salon. Jenn is with Hank and Bryce witnesses their intimate moment. The men force him in the seat and watch it.

They then fire bomb Uncle Daddy’s residence. Uncle Daddy runs out with Toby calling 911. He yells off at Zlata that he will never work for her.

The next day, the girls, Uncle Daddy and Roller pull up to the nursing home, surrounded by Zlata’s men. Zlata walks outside with Olga and tells them that they are going to have a wedding. Everyone’s shocked as Roller is pulled away to get dressed, as he’s the groom.

Zlata’s forces Roller to marry Olga. Desna tries to plead with her not to do this, but Zlata wants the men to respect her and Desna.

“They only respect family, so we will make them family.” – Zlata

Roller tries to run away, but is caught.

At the ceremony, Olga comes down the aisle riding a white horse, followed by Roller, who’s angry.

As crowns are placed on their heads, Olga tells Roller he will be a good daddy. Roller pleads with the priest, but doesn’t get the result he wants.

“You’re a man of God. This s*** isn’t holy.” – Roller

The priest puts a gun in the face of Roller for an answer to his plea. Roller then takes the ring, and places it on Olga’s hand.

Zlata comes over and lifts the vail off her face.

“I look beautiful.” – Olga

“Like me.” – Zlata

“No.” – Olga

Afterwards, Zlata yells out “let’s party,” and a guard shoots into the air. Uncle Daddy and Roller duck down, and Zlata makes light of it.

Zlata forces Desna to take control of Jennifer’s home.

At the reception, the girls panic about their net moves. Roller walks in and they all go their separate ways. Poly goes off to Kenneth to get taken care of. Roller, meanwhile, pours Desna a drink. He tries to flirt with Desna, but gets pushed away again. Olga comes in to get Roller to feed her cake.

On a balcony, Desna and Jennifer see Bryce push away a woman, that turns her on, and she wants to get close to Bryce.

Finally, Desna and Zlata meet and Zlata’s happy about what happened. However, she gives Desna a warning about Jennifer, and controls her and her house. Desna pleads with Zlata, but she won’t change her mind about this.

“You worked your a** off for this and all she did was get knocked up by some hillbilly.” – Zlata

Desna tries to give the key back to Zlata, but Desna is forced to keep it.

“This is beginning of a wonderful friendship. We are sisters now.” – Desna

Zlata then hugs Desna as Desna shows a look of panic and worry.


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