Cardi B and Offset Respond to Latest Cheating Rumors

Offset cheating on Cardi B, again?

Fans of Cardi B already know that her romance with Offset is far from perfect.

In fact, he was busted for cheating on her thanks to a leak of a video of him being in hotel room with another woman.

Cardi stayed with the rapper despite him cheating, and told followers that it made no sense to leave since the next man would just cheat on her too.

They then got engaged.

With a baby on the way, it was suspected recently that Offset may be cheating on Cardi again.

The rumor started when someone wrote such on Cardi’s Instagram page and they even identified the woman Offset is allegedly creeping with.

However, alleged side chick denied anything is going on. Plus Offset and Cardi took to Twitter to shut down the gossip as well.

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  1. It’s just non stop for her. She should really take a break from reading blogs and being on social media. It’s not good for her pregnancy and mental health.

  2. Cardi is mad at the wrong people though. Offset is the one who cheats on her regularly. So she can’t be surprised when people believe rumors that he’s still cheating. Ain’t that what it’s been since day one in their relationship? And who are the fools calling these two couple goals? Eww.

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