Kenya Moore Responds to Rumors of RHOA Demotion

Kenya Moore announced her pregnancy at the reunion for season ten of RHOA.

With her still being a newlywed, many suspected they would get to see her new life unfold in season eleven.

However, contract negotiations have been interesting.

Rumor has it that Kenya is still negotiating with Bravo.

And some are even saying that she will not have a peach next season.

Kenya took to Instagram hours ago to address the latest rumor and make it clear she won’t do the show without a peach.

Check out the post below.

#FAKERHOANEWS .No one has EVER asked me to be a friend to show… .fact: I am THE housewife that has had THE highest rated episodes the past 3 seasons… even last year having missed 3 episodes.? .#Fact: the Barcelona New Lineup didn’t work…The fans have spoken. I’ve never been called boring ?? .#Fact love me or hate me I may not be the “fan favorite” (my sister @kandi is and well deserved) but thank you for being invested in my life and continuing to contribute to the success of #RHOA and my success in my career on all levels .Don’t worry #teamtwirl you will get to see #babytwirl and all that I’m experiencing as a new wife and mother-to-be one way or another .You will see my raw truth… the good the bad and the ugly one way or another ☺ .Fact# I am good effing TV! ❤ .Fact# I will be a HW or nothing at all. ? Fact# I don’t discuss business but know that I know my value #queen #?? #kenyamoore #truth #shadequeen #shadeassassin #blameitonmyhormones #letaBishknow

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  1. Idk I think producers are tired of her after that “marriage” stunt. I believe she will lose her peach.

  2. She said everything but the words I was NOT fired. I really hope the rumors are true. With Sheree, Wig and Kenya gone, this show will be MUCH better. It will be more authentic. It would be nice to have the other two original housewives come back.

  3. The fact that she’s trying to argue her value on the show lets me know she’s not getting her peach. Kenya tried to play Bravo with these fake stunts and she failed because the truth is she’s not as valuable as she thinks she is. Even with her on the show, the ratings flopped last season. What the show needs is some fresh blood. I’d keep Nene, Porsha and Eva and replace everyone else. Marlo too.

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