TI’s Mother Goes off on Instagram Follower Amid Latest Cheating Rumors

Photo Credit: Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris probably aren’t thrilled that the spotlight is back on their marriage thanks to a video of T.I. getting cozy with another woman backstage going viral.

The video even caused the rapper’s youngest two sons Major and King to feel some type of way about their father.

But one person who is still riding with T.I. is his mother.

She recently went all the way off on a follower when they didn’t mince words about Tip.

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  1. She needs to stop posting subliminal shots at Tiny trying to manipulate her into tolerating TI’s cheating. I can now understand why TI is the way he is. His mother told him it’s okay to be this way. She only got mad because that follower said the hurtful truth. She is her son’s biggest enabler.

  2. Ah, I see what TI’s mom is doing. She’s trying to guilt Tiny into staying with TI. How disgusting. Welp. I’m sure this will work. Tiny will never leave this toxic marriage.

  3. His mom has that old school outlook on marriage. Basically a woman is supposed to stay with her husband no matter what he puts her through. It’s all about keeping the family together. Cheating is not a deal breaker to old heads. I believe Tiny’s mom is the same way. I think she may have told Tiny on the show to work it out with TI even though he cheated. The thing is women are starting to realize they don’t have to stay. That’s what having your own career and money does for you.

  4. She’s expecting more out of Tiny than her son. This is what Michelle Obama meant when she said that the black community raises our daughters and just love our sons.

  5. And here lies the problem once again hold your son completely responsible and trying to guilt Tiny is ridiculous. His mom is part of the problem shifting blame is why T.I. and so many men act like this.

  6. I understand any parent would get angry if someone came for their child but the biggest red flag for me is what his mother originally posted. A great mother in law will call her son out when they do wrong. Hold you grown a-s child accountable ma’am. It’s true, he sucks.

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