Cardi B and Offset Already Married? (UPDATE)

Fans of Cardi B and Offset have been wondering if the engaged couple may have already made it official secretly.

A sign that this could be the case is Offset refers to Cardi as his wife often.

He even called her his wife while accepting an award at last night’s BET Awards.

The acceptance speech made TMZ want to do some digging and the website was able to pull up a marriage certificate.

They got a marriage certificate in Fulton County, Georgia on September 20, 2017.

Remember, a marriage certificate is filed with the court after a couple’s ceremony.

It’s seems as if the wedding Cardi has been talking about planning lately on Twitter may just be the big shindig for family they weren’t able to have last year.

Most likely the ceremony they had last year was a small one. So small the media didn’t even know about it.

Neither Cardi nor Offset have responded to TMZ’s findings as of yet.

UPDATE: Looks like we were right.TMZ is now reporting that Cardi and Offset married in their bedroom last year. It was very spontaneous, and the couple married the same September morning Offset popped the question.

The only person present for the big moment was one of Cardi’s cousins.

It’s also being reported that Cardi was not pregnant at the time.

UPDATE #2: Cardi has confirmed the news.

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  1. So if they got married last year he was a married man when he got caught cheating? No wonder her album has so many songs about cheaters

  2. Sounds like they really rushed into this marriage and this baby. But I wish them the best of luck. Marriage is not easy. And being married in the public eye this day and age is extremely tough. I like Cardi and I don’t want this to end badly.

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