Claws Recap: Zlata Bails out Desna, Poly Flips Out on Ken + Dean Moves Out

Everyone struggles to cope with Desna being locked up.

The episode begins with the girls over at Jenn’s house. Ann comes over, which shocks everyone. She comes in telling everyone she warned Desna that this could happen.

Jenn can’t figure out where Desna’s being booked. They’re trying to figure out how to get Desna out of jail and keep Dean calm. But they can’t keep him calm anymore. He flips out on Poly when she says to keep things business as usual.

“It’s not okay!” – Dean

He then storms out to the pool kicking the door.

Arlene questions Desna.

Meanwhile, Desna’s being booked at the Palmetto Police Department. They take all of her jewelry and take fingerprints.

She’s being interviewed by Arlene and Judy. They arrested Desna on money laundering charges. This happened thanks to Ken’s wire.

“You can go down for a long time Desna.” – Judy”

“I’m not going down for nothing ‘cause I didn’t do nothing.” – Desna

Desna confronts Arlene about lying to Ann but Arlene brushes it off. They are trying their best to get Desna to flip on Uncle Daddy, Greg and Zlata.

Zlata discovers Boris’ body at his apartment. She’s angry because he has to apologize to Greg, stopping a potential war.

Out of anger, Zlata grabs a gun and shoots Boris’ body.

Jenn talks to Bryce as he recovers from his surgery.

Bryce’s receiving bad news about Desna from Jenn as he recovers from surgery. He keeps Jenn calm, saying the surgery went well, Brienne “stopped asking for black daddy,” and they’re sober.

Jenn tells him when he gets out of the hospital, he can perform motivational TED Talks.

“You think I can do a TED Talk?” – Bryce

“Has Tony Robbins ever been shot?” – Jenn

“He wishes!” – Bryce

Desna tells Poly someone’s wired.

At the salon, one of Desna’s clients gets frustrated because Desna isn’t there. When asked where she is,Ann, Jenn, Poly and Virginia all come up with different excuses.

“Oh, she’s at church.” – Poly

“Gyno…” – Virginia

“Root canal.” – Ann

“Seminar.” – Jenn

“You know, it’s one of those gynecological root canal in a church seminars.” – Poly

Dean, who’s not with the games at this point, tells the patron the truth.

“She’s in jail.” – Dean

Marnie stops by the nail salon to tell Poly her mom’s coming by. Poly does her best to convince Marnie not to see her.

“She’s an addict who sold you for four Gucci purses.” – Poly

Next, Desna calls into the shop from jail. She tells Poly that someone is wearing a wire. Desna also tells Poly to get a lawyer to her asap and to keep Dean calm.

“Pol, it’s go time.” – Desna

Poly takes everyone outside to let everyone know that someone or something is wired. They begin to freak out and question each other. All of them deny being wired and they question Poly going to get her lawyer. When Poly tells them “It’s go time,” they mention they need to shred receipts and fix their accounting books. Dean calls them all out, saying they’re committing obstruction.

He then goes off to “handle things” himself. Virginia wants to go after him but Jenn makes Virginia go with the rest of them.

Arlene pulls at Desna’s heart-strings.

After Desna’s phone call, Arlene approaches her in the interrogation room. Desna doesn’t want to talk without her lawyer, but Arlene doesn’t back down.

When Arlene tells Desna Ann, or anyone else wouldn’t want to see her go to prison, Desna flips it right back.

“‘Cause you played Ann, you think you know us? B****, you don’t.” – Desna

“I know how much your crew means to you. I know how much your brother means to you.” – Arlene

Mentioning Dean seems to pulls at Desna’s heart strings.

“Who will take care of Dean?” – Arlene

“That’s all I’ve been thinking about.” – Desna

Afterwards, Desna’s taken to a holding cell as she awaits her bail hearing.

Hank executes his revenge plan.

At the hospital, Bryce is still under the influence of Morphine as he heals from the surgery. The Morphine puts him to sleep.

A dream sequence occurs with Bryce committing to a TED Talk. During the talk, Hank jumps into his dream.

Hank takes over the talk listing steps to find married women to sleep with.

“And how’d you lift yourself up from adversity?” – Bryce

“By going deep in your wife.” – Hank

At the end of the dream, Bryce screams, waking himself up. Hank’s in his room with a syringe of morphine, that he placed into his IV.

“Don’t worry about Jenn. I’ll take care of her. I’ll be a better father and husband than you ever were. I even know how to cornrow.” – Hank

Desna runs into her realtor Mandy in jail.

At the holding station, Desna runs into her realtor Mandy. Mandy’s not doing well, writing bad checks and addicted to cocaine. Her husband blew all of their money while he stayed home “designing apps.”

“The second you get out of here. You take your a** to get help.” – Desna

Mandy then gets her story about how Desna ended up in jail.

Uncle Daddy is at a store home when Roller comes by to tell them Desna’s locked up over a wire. Roller then tells Uncle Daddy to call his connect from Pensacola to sell the stolen coke.

Poly has Ken stop by the salon and tells Ken that she wants to find out who wore the wire.

“Someone among us is a traitor.” – Poly

Ken begins to sweat and get nervous that Poly will find out it’s him who’s the traitor. He stays calm enough to give Poly money for an attorney. Ken also suggests it was the Russians.

Greg receives a warning about Zlata from his mom.

Greg’s at the pool with his mom. Greg asks her if Boris acted alone in the theft of the coke.

At that point, Zlata calls saying Greg was right and she had nothing to do with the theft. She asks if they’re good. He says yes, and Zlata hangs up.

“Liar.” – Zlata

Afterwards, Greg’s mom lays into him about Zlata.

“You have been blinded by your lust for that woman for far too long. I don’t trust that woman.” – Greg’s mom

She tells Greg that Zlata wants to kill him and take over the operation when Desna’s out of the way.

Mandy is doing her best to cheer up Desna, but it’s not working.

“Mandy, it feels like all the wheels done came off this s***.” – Desna

Luckily for Desna, it’s time for her bail hearing. The guard comes to get her and takes her out of the holding cell. Mandy yells out to “stick it to the man,” as Desna leaves the cell.

Ken’s trying to keep things calm at the clinic without prescribing any pills. Roller walks in and pulls Ken in the office. Ken gets nervous and starts hyperventilating and panicking.

However, Roller wants Ken to get right asap. He has to hug Ken as he begins to cry out of nowhere.

Dean tries to bail out Desna.

At the salon, Ann and Jenn are shredding evidence and Virginia’s trying to get in touch with Dean. He finally picks up and tells Virginia he’s tired of everyone lying about having it under control.

Dean walks into the police department. He tries to bail Desna out with money he made from Hammer and Pickle. When he gets to the police department, the officer doesn’t understand that he’s autistic.

So, when Dean gets aggressive with the officer, the officer gets aggressive right back. He grabs Dean’s arm and escorts him out of the precinct.

This angers Dean and he yells that the office has no right to touch him.

Bryce calls Jenn, telling her about Hank showing up to his room. He tries to warn her about Hank heading over to her home and to call the police.

However, Jenn brushes it off, blaming it on the morphine.

When he hangs up, Jenn notices Bryce’s face is covered up by Hank’s face in pictures and hears music being played. She walks into the kitchen and sees Hank cooking.

“Welcome home darling. Playing our song.” – Hank

Ken stops by the salon to talk to Poly. He’s trying to tell her he was the one on a wire and asks her for forgiveness. However, he gets cut short when the FBI stop to search the salon.

Desna gets bailed out.

At the courthouse, Desna’s talking to the judge. Desna’s panicked because her lawyer isn’t there. She’s doing her best to plead with the judge. Lauren Zarloni walks in and apologizes.

The prosecutor proposes that Desna is a flight risk and should stay in custody. Lauren immediately argues against this, saying Desna doesn’t have a record and is an upstanding member of the community.

The prosecutor claps back, saying she has ties to the Russian Mafia.

“Sounds like a destination getaway to me.” – Palmetto County Prosecutor

The Judge sets bail at $500,000 dollars which freaks out Desna. However, Lauren calmly tells Desna that it’s handled.

Hank’s still cooking for Jenn as she moves over to a kitchen knife. She tries to stab Hank, but he grabs her arm.

“You and I belong together honey.” – Hank

He then tells Jenn that when the kids get back to the house, they’re moving to Israel together.

Cain shows up to avenge his father who died at Uncle Daddy’s club.

Uncle Daddy’s still packing away the coke when his Pensacola connect Kincaid stops into the warehouse. Although Uncle Daddy’s glad to see him, the mood swiftly changes as Kincaids come in with weapons drawn.

“D*** boy, we’ve been set up.” – Uncle daddy

Everyone has their guns drawn against each other. Even Toby as he’s dressed in his S&M gear. Kincaid reveals he did this because his father died while in Uncle Daddy’s club.

The mood changes when they tell him Bryce got shot by Zlata.

“He was all positive and sh*t.” – Clint

Cooler heads prevail as Uncle Daddy tells him about the Russians and asks for his help. They all put their guns down.

Uncle Daddy tells Clint they need to come up with a plan to get back at the Russians and make money.

Desna learns Zlata bailed her out.

Outside of the courtroom, Desna thanks Lauren for her help. When Desna asks how Poly and the girls got $50,000 to bail her out, Zlata pulls up in a limo. Lauren gives Desna a look which says Zlata handled everything.

“Get in.” – Zlata

Inside the limo, Zlata asks why she didn’t hear from Desna about this. Desna says she wanted to handle it on her own. They hear knocking coming from the trunk, where Poly’s lawyer is held up.

“I’m happy you kept your mouth shut.” – Zlata

“I’m not a snitch. I wouldn’t betray you.” – Desna

Zlata’s moved by this sign of loyalty to tell Desna about Greg being a drug dealer. She reveals that Greg has coke and she uses his properties, turning them into clinics to move their drugs.

Desna plays along asking how can she know Zlata won’t betray her again.

“Who bailed you out of jail? We want the same thing – to take him down.” – Zlata

It’s revealed that Zlata wants to take out Greg. She asks Desna to help her.

Jenn calls Bryce about Hank.

At her place, Hank has their clothes packed. Jenn suggests ordering a pizza for the kids instead of eating matzo balls.

She tries to call 911 but Hank hangs up and dials a pizza place. While on the phone, Bryce calls in and she clicks over.

She speaks in code telling Bryce that Hank’s at their place right now.

An angry Bryce gets up and walks out of his hospital room to go after them.

Ann learns the truth about Arlene.

Desna arrives at the salon happy to see everyone, even Ann.

She tells them Zlata bailed them out and Poly’s attorney is in Zlata’s trunk.

“We did it y’all. We started a war.” – Desna

Ann’s angered by Desna’s plan and tries to go home to Arlene. Ann’s mood changes when Desna says Arlene arrested her.

Ann begins to cry when Desna gives her the details.

“Wake up Ann. She played you to get to us.” – Desna

She then tells Ann that they are looking to get everyone on the over prescribing, murder and money laundering.

“Why would she do that to me?” – Ann

Desna and Ann hug it out.

Roller’s digging up Clint’s father to get his talking stick as Bone Thugs & Harmony plays in the background. Uncle Daddy hands it to him, and he begins to cry.

Roller and Uncle Daddy tell him to use that energy to help them take out the Russians who helped kill his father, and the Haitians.

Poly arrives home and sees Marnie at home talking to her mom. Marnie’s mom says she’s clean now and ready to take Marnie with her.

Poly shuts this down and tells Marnie’s mom to leave.

Just then, Ken shows up appearing nervous. When she leaves, Marnie and Poly hug it out.

Virginia motivates Dean.

Dean’s at Hammer and Pickle with bigger tips than he does normally thanks to his anger. Virginia arrives to pick him up. Dean’s hasn’t been talking to her. Despite Desna getting out, he’s still angry over how he was treated by the police and everyone else.

Virginia gives him motivational advice at this point.

“You are a grown a** man. You have a job and you take care of me. That’s all that matters. Just me and you.” – Virginia

Ann pulls up to Arlene’s with Desna in the van. When they stop, Desna apologizes.

“You were right about everything. I should’ve listened to you.” – Desna

“I love you Des.” – Ann

Desna persuades Ann to keep her cool, and not to kill Arlene.

Poly breaks things off with Ken

Ken feels Poly’s wrath after Ken admits to wearing a wire.

“You stupid piece of s***!” – Poly

Although he apologizes, Poly tells him to move out.

Arlene and Ann break up.

Ann and Arlene go off on each other. Arlene says she’s doing what she had to do after she lost her job thanks to Ann.

Ann asks if any of what they had was real.

“It doesn’t matter.” – Arlene

“I can’t be with anyone who isn’t real.” – Ann

“I guess this is good-bye then.” – Arlene

Bryce saves Ann from Hank, with help from the police.

Jenn’s still Hank’s hostage. She’s sitting on a couch while Hank’s dancing around the living room. Hank tries to suggest they have s*x but Jenn brushes off all of his advances.

Bryce made it to the home and Jenn sees him. He tries to sneak in, but Bryce trips, getting Hank’s attention. Bryce says he called the police as they attack Hank.

When Bryce gets the upper hand with Hank, Palmetto Police come in and Hank runs out to be followed by police.

Bryce and Jenn hug each other telling each other they love one other.

Dean and Virginia move out.

Later that night, Dean’s walking to the door with his luggage when he sees Desna. Desna asks him where he’s going and he tells her he’s moving out with Virginia.

“Yeah, I can’t stay here with you.” – Dean

Desna’s shocked by this as Dean reveals he’s tired of the lying.

“I’m really disappointed, Des. You keep saying things are gonna change and then they never change.” – Desna

“If that’s what you really want.” – Desna

When Dean walks out of the door, Desna breaks down crying.

Marnie consoles Poly after Ken leaves. She tells Poly everything will be okay

“At least I have you.” – Poly

Desna makes a new plan for herself and Zlata.

Desna stops by Zlata’s office to talk to her.

Desna tells Zlata to kill Greg after they get married. After this happens, she’ll sign over all of Greg’s property to Zlata, but she’ll keep her clinic license.

Zlata counters with Desna opening five more clinics. Desna rebuffs, saying she’ll open three more.

“I knew I could count on you.” – Zlata

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