‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Malaysia Talks Her Brother’s Death + Tami Loses Interest in Marriage

Jackie tries to give Reggie proposal advice.

The episode opens with Jackie and Reggie hanging out at a farm. Jackie has Reggie out to help him set up his proposal to Tami.

Reggie doesn’t want to have any excitement and dramatics surrounded with his proposal. This doesn’t impress Jackie, who suggests exciting tips. She has him practice getting down on one knee. This move lets Jackie know he’s been thinking about proposing.

“He’s practiced this in the shower. He’s ready.” – Jackie

Evelyn meets and hangs with her grandfather from Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Evelyn has her grandfather in Los Angeles with her. He’s happy to have him around. She wasn’t sure who her grandfather was at first. She explains that no one was sure who her mom’s dad really was.

They had a DNA test conducted and they got to the bottom of it. Evelyn sets up a meeting between her mom and grandfather for the first time, which was very emotional.

The trip wasn’t fully happy as Evelyn grandfather’s home was destroyed by the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico last year. So Evelyn is taking her mom and Shanice with their grandfather to help him clean up in Puerto Rico.

While in tears, Malaysia reveals fears which stem from her brother’s death by police.

Malaysia’s at home with her children when Malaysia’s sister Crystal stopped by with her children. Her oldest son wants to start driving by himself and this freaks Malaysia out.

She doesn’t know how to explain to her son how to act when approached by police. Her fear stems from the fact her brother Dontae Hayes was killed by police in Riverside, California.

“I literally freeze up. When they pull up, I wonder if they’re gonna kill me too.” – Malaysia

She begins to tear up as she talks about how she feels blame for her brother’s death.

Crystal tells Malaysia that it’s not her fault it happened. But Malaysia’s still distracted over it and wants to do something to make sure it never happens again.

Jennifer’s stressing over her court hearing against Tim Norman.

Kristen and Jennifer are hanging out, shopping for dog clothes. They recap what happened with Jackie’s play. They both thought Jackie did a wonderful job with her role. However, they talk about Jennifer’s friendship struggles.

These friendships aren’t the main thing Jennifer’s dealing with because she still has the restraining order saga between her and her ex Tim Norman.

Jennifer says she’s scared to even walk her dog. But she wants to date. Kristen notes that Jennifer’s losing friends one by one and has to deal with trying to get a permanent restraining order against Tim. She offers to go to court with Jennifer and Jennifer accepts the offer.

“This guy’s like a loose cannon. I don’t know what to expect.” – Jennifer

Evelyn meets her family in Puerto Rico, whose homes are damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Evelyn makes it to Puerto Rico with her family in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. They head over to her grandfather’s neighborhood Pinones and it’s devastated. This damage is a lot to look at for Evelyn.

“It’s even more sad because it’s a part of the United States.” – Evelyn

She notes the people of Puerto Rico feel even worse because they feel as they’re being treated as third-world citizens.

Evelyn wants to help the people on the island.

Jackie and Reggie shop for engagement rings.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Reggie are now out and looking at engagement rings. Jackie knows how picky Tami can be and wants him to get the right ring. She’s showing Reggie rings that would garner major attention.

Jackie then suggests proposal ideas. She suggest things that Tami wouldn’t go with like helicopter or nude beach.

Reggie suggests to take Tami to her favorite crab spot and wants to hide the ring in the plate of crab legs. Jackie loves the idea. She also likes the ring he picked out.

Jennifer’s court hearing doesn’t go the way she wants.

Kristen’s with Jennifer and her lawyer as they head to the restraining order hearing. Jennifer explains how Tim slashed her tires after their breakup.

After the hearing three hours later they all walk out.

“I’ve never seen a grown a** man be such a b****.” – Kristen

Jennifer wasn’t granted the permanent restraining order by the judge. This frustrates Jennifer to no end. Kristen says that Tim wants to destroy Jennifer’s reputation if he can no longer date her.

Malaysia tells Jackie about her phobia of police officers.

Jackie and Malaysia are hanging out and Malaysia explains how he’s going to chaperone her son with his friends. Malaysia explains that she’s fearful police would hurt him. Jackie explains that she has the same fears.

“I’m extremely worried about my son’s safety.” – Jackie

Malaysia reveals that she has a phobia of police officers. Jackie asks if she would ever meet and talk to an officer. Malaysia says she isn’t sure if she can as she begins to cry. Jackie suggests they both do something positive to change something.

Back in Puerto Rico, Evelyn is with a local Boys & Girls club for a special donation event. She speaks to the girls and presents the girls with a personalized gift.

“I want you all to feel like a princess.” – Evelyn

Evelyn’s humbled to be in a position to help people in need.

Tami has a change of heart.

Back in Los Angeles, Reggie and Tami are with Tami’s daughters as he grills. Jazz asks if he’s going to propose, and he says soon.

Reggie then says that Jackie gave him some crazy ideas.

Interestingly enough, Tami’s getting second thoughts about getting engaged.

She has to figure out what she wants in life at this point.

Evelyn meets more family.

Evelyn takes her mom to meet their cousins whose home was also destroyed. Everyone’s full of emotion as they meet Evelyn’s grandfather. Tears are flowing as Evelyn witnesses her mom dance with her dad. She calls this one of her most memorable moments of her life.

“What would my life be like had I met him at an early age?” – Evelyn

She lastly notes that the people of Puerto Rico are strong and resilient people and she wants to reconnect to her roots on the island.

Tami tells Jackie about her cold feet.

Jackie and Tami are out looking at wedding cakes and decorations. Tami side-eyes being here and lets Jackie know she’s not interested in getting married.

Jackie’s shocked and asks why. Tami notes that she could have cold feet since she can’t have kids. She doesn’t want to “hold Reggie back” by being unable have children.

“The closer we get to the marriage thing, it’s going to circle back up…” – Tami

Jackie suggests that Reggie could give her a contract about this, but this wouldn’t satisfy Tami.

Jennifer’s dating coach gives her poignant advice.

Jennifer meets with a dating coach looking for help finding a good person. She took an assessment which had red flags for her coach. The coach points out that Jennifer possibly showcases a high tendency of jealously and possessiveness.

Jennifer explains that she’s dated and married athletes who cheated on her. She also revealed that her parents divorced, and remembers seeing her parents fighting in front of her.

Her coach mentions that she’s repeating patterns of behavior she saw growing up.

Malaysia gives her oldest son “the talk” about police.

Malaysia has her son and siblings at a go-kart park having a good time. After racing, Malaysia takes her son Janero Jr. to talk about how to be a black man.

She explains that she freaks out when he goes off by himself and wears his hoodie. Malaysia then tells him when police approach him to keep his hands up at all times.

“If I ever yell at you for wearing your hood, it’s because I don’t want anyone to take you away from me.” – Malaysia

She gets teary-eyed when she tells Janero Jr about Dontae’s death. Malaysia explains he was shot by police although he didn’t have any weapon on him.

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