Briana Latrise Spills Some GUHH Tea + Calls out Producers

“Growing Up Hip Hop” is currently filming for season 5. One thing they wanted to get on camera was Briana’s birthday party this August. But according to Briana, it was a complete disaster.

As a result, Briana threw a drink in Lil Eazy E’s face. The issues began apparently when production wanted to change the seating arrangements at the event, sitting Briana next to people she apparently didn’t want to be around.

Lil Eazy appeared to be one of them, and as a result, the two exchanged words. That led to the drink being thrown.

Briana gave her fans the play-by-play of what occurred on her Instagram live recently.

Anyone wanna know how my birthday party went? It was garbage, and I threw a whole drink in Lil Eazy E’s face. And I hoped it burned, b****.

After the drink was thrown, Briana claimed Lil Eazy threatened to have his sister attack Briana. However, that didn’t faze Briana. She even dealt with the agitation on a radio show recorded earlier.

You sound stupid. Look at all your true colors coming out. B****, you been poking me, poking me and poking me, and sexually f***ing harassing me, and objectifying me on camera, and disrespecting my father, calling him a dead beat.

And then you come on my radio show and disrespect me some more.

But I’m mean, and I’m bullying b****es. All the while, you’re sitting here, exacerbating all the problems.

And when I pop off on your ho a**, then you wanna say I’m crazy.

Briana then revealed during her angry rant act she’s no longer filming for the upcoming GUHH season. She also spoke to how Jojo Simmons knocked on her car window outside of the party to “check-in” on her. However, she screamed at him because she was having an apparent anxiety attack due to the party.

Briana claimed the only one who wasn’t fake towards her at the event was Boogie. She claims filming the show has been nothing but agitating for her, and her therapist also claims the show’s causing too much stress.

In fact, Briana says in the video she’s contemplated suicide due to stress from filming.

What does my face look like to you? What do you see? Do you see someone looking like I’m two-seconds away from  jumping off a bridge? Because, if there was one high enough, I probably would of last night.

The GUHH star also called out producers and says she’s sick and tired of being made out to be the show’s villain.
Check out the clips below.

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