Sam Wright, Egypt Criss, & Pepa Depart ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

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Sam Wright is tired of the GUHH drama.

Growing Up Hip Hop” stars Sam Wright and Egypt Criss are used to dealing with criticism about their relationship. In fact, one of the biggest critics was Egypt’s own cousin, Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis. Tee Tee, as well as Briana LaTrise, felt like Sam could have selfish motives. In fact, they were concerned that Sam was only dealing with Egypt because of her famous parents. And that he was hoping that the association would help his own music career. To no surprise, Egypt and Sam weren’t feeling any of this. Sam also denied that he was using Egypt. Meanwhile, Pepa and Treach showed their support for the union quite a bit on the show. However, Treach changed his opinions during the recent season.

Treach told Tyran Moore that he was concerned amid Egypt’s pregnancy. He wasn’t convinced that Sam was ready to step up and take care of his responsibilities. In fact, Treach said that Sam didn’t have a decent enough job to be a provider. Treach also told Sam this during a conversation they had earlier in the season.

These days, Treach just feels that Sam is using Egypt.

Sam took to social media to call out his father-in-law. And he accused Treach of not being truthful in an attempt to have a storyline on the show.

Egypt Criss, Pepa, and Sam Wright depart GUHH?

Well, Sam had more to say on social media recently. He alleged that he and Egypt didn’t invite production to their second wedding.

“That show is trash. It’s all ********. You’re gonna see they went, outsourced and they had somebody who was at the wedding. They bought footage off of them because they weren’t allowed to be there. Ain’t that some ****. That’s what they do y’all. They’re like, ‘Oh, we can’t be there? Let’s plant a rat.’ And that’s what they did. They planted a rat.”

He continued, “That’s how it usually goes though. No matter what we do, they try to make something look stupid when it’s not.”

Sam went on to tell his followers that he, Egypt, and Pepa have quit the show.

“So good luck on that ****. We’ve all formally quit. Me, Egypt, Pep. It won’t be another season now I’m sure. If there is, good luck.”


    1. Exactly, and she sounds stupid as usual to say that there portably won’t be another season without them, boy bye, the have plenty good story lines without, you are not that relevant!

      1. I agree with what you said. I’m going to miss seeing my girl Pepa because I’ve always been a salt and pepa fan!! However they didn’t make the show a lot of people have left and thought the show would end because they were gone, people will still continue to watch it maybe more watch it cuz they won’t have to watch Sam. But their departure won’t end the show there’s a lot of kids from hip Hop families that they can be replaced with, so him saying if they get a another season it’ll be shocking trust me their departure won’t end the show

        1. You said exactly what I was gonna say. But I love Salt and Pepa Treach. But I know it’s hard as a parent. Not to put your paws on Sam. I need a show but it’s life. But Treach is a OG love em and I know he love his daughter. But I would beat his a-s let him know when he was trying to dictate how she pose. Can’t rap lame give gay vibes.

  1. Good Riddens yall are a BORE to watch…..Egypt act like your lap dog she try to comfort u and you tell her you not feeling that love sh** then her SLOW a** I know I understand….I threw a pillow at the tv.smdh…BYE !!!!!!

    1. Pepa lives through her daughter. She’s the mother that okays anything. The three leaving the show doesn’t stop nothing.

    2. Me too! And she took that and made it ok as she has done with all of his jabs and disrespect. Now he wasn’t talking all that ish in Trech face but he got heart on social media.
      Bye! Bye! Confused little man.

    3. That pissed me off when he said he wasn’t feeling that Love sh-t pushed her hand away and called her weak. Like what in the h-ll does she see in this lame a#! Loser!

  2. I feel sorry for Egypt and her baby. Sam is a joke. Thank God Egypt has good parents that love and care about her enough to take care of Sam also

  3. What in the heck is his whack, delusional, weirdo butt talking about? This was the last season of this garbage show anyway. Good Riddance!

  4. It took her father to see that he is a user nobody cares that the jailbird going to jail I hope do go and that girl find her somebody else cause Sam is a loser and he mad cause Trench told him he the only man walking around his house Sam thought sh-t was sweet but it’s not peppe gonna see soon

  5. He is a real clown 🤡. None of them have truly been a factor on the the show. Remember he and Egypt quite before. Trench finally saw his real intentions. Pep doesn’t need the show. She has a career and money. He wants to be important so bad. They won’t be missed.

  6. Bye nobody was watching the show to see y’all I was wondering why pep old self was still on the show anyways the ?is what Sam going to do about money now talking about good luck he the one that needs the luck

  7. Sam knows his broke butte needs the show for income. Egypt has parents who are going to support her slow self. Sam may be on the way to prison so there’s that. He and Egypt have quite before, bye. Pepa is the reason they were still there, her 50 plus tail acting like a 20 year old is not a good look for her.

  8. Good riddance — like someone said Pep does not need the show she is an Old G with her own money and career. I too feel sorry for Egypt but with the loving support of her mother and father, brother and auntie her and the baby will be fine. Sam, I’m glad we will not have to see you on the show because you had no real story line and was boring as heck. Also I don’t think any of the other cast members will miss you not being on the show.

  9. They will finally see sam was a joke and only wanted the publicity I would not have gotten pregnant by a loser that do support his other children

  10. WELL, WELL, WELL! Sam is finally gone (and I wish out of Egypt’s life). If you remember, Egypt paid his child support a few seasons back. I can’t believe she is so mind boggled by this person (not a man). He is so nothing it is ashamed and I’m sure she knows it, but doesn’t want to believe it. She’s one of those women who will stand by her man even though she knows he’s not the “man” he pretends to be. They ALL know it and Pep is just going along with it. She’s had her share of nothing males in her life. I’m sure Treach is just about to have a conniption that she can’t see the forest for the trees. Now she’s pregnant and he may be going to jail. He acts that this felony charge puts him in real “OG” status. Glad to see them go. I don’t want to hear anything else about those 2 non-essentials. I really like the show (without them, of course).

  11. Sam is so irrelevant as he is just riding on Egypt coattail and she to nieve to see it she can do way better and Sam thinks cause she is pregnant that he is in I hope treach teaches him a lesson in respect …….

  12. I’m so glad,pepe to stupid to believe the sh-t comes out of Sam the clown 🤡, and poor Egypt young and dumb fell hard for the first thing came along Sam the clown. See y’all tee tee was right. Now who jealous and going to Jail the clown 🤡 (Sam) LoL he going to break her heart gold digger

  13. You know, in watching the way Egypt responds to everything, she just might be a bit challenged. Your comments say she is “slow” are accurate but I believe “challenged” is more appropriate. When she is communicating, it appears that she has trouble really comprehending before she replies. That’s why Pep and “IT” make decisions for her. She fights to make her own decisions to be heard. Of course, they don’t always make sense. I wish her and her baby well.

  14. They quite the show.
    Really Sam wants to quite the show because he will be in jail. And he doesn’t want Egypt on the show without him. And Pep a-s slow too. Sam probably convinced Pepp. Sam still controlling both there slow a-ses. Sam whistles and Egypt go running.

  15. Finally!!! Sam is gone. He f-cked up and now he wants his wife to follow suit. He wanted to be big and bad and wanted to call the shots so he literally manipulated poor lil Egypt. She should’ve listened to Tee Tee. Pep is my girl but as a mom who has seen manipulative boys cuz Sam ain’t a man she should have been her daughters voice and called out the bs. Treach a OG so he knew what time it was. I wish Tyran would’ve did his karate on his lame a**. Egypt I wish u open yo eyes cuz just like outside Sam will be somebodys bit** on the inside.

  16. The really sad thing is now that she married him, she’s also responsible for the child support of his other children.

    1. Since those children were before her and before they got married. She has no obligation. Now if he has any while they are married then yes she is on the hook as well. I think he says he’s leaving the show because he knows he going to get time.

  17. YAYYYYYYY Sam is a 🤡 Period and Pep is not on the show much anyway …Not relevant…Bye boy don’t drop the soap

    1. I love Egypt she such a sweet person,but Sam he need to quit the show,I do believe what someone said he’s with Egypt because of her parents,an to promote himself, yes Sam please quit the show,I don’t think you will be missed.

    1. Exactly they are such a non factor, they bore me to tears. Egypt is gullible AF, Pepa is a clown of a mother trying to always hang out with the kids on the show instead of schooling her daughter about this bumb. He knows he’s doing some time so he doesn’t want Egypt on the show without him cuz he would lose control of her. I will never forget how he humiliated her at their engagement party using that platform to come out as bisexual, that’s his business but it was not the appropriate time to announce it. Sam is definitely using Egypt to further his musical career she had even stopped doing her music since he came around. I would like to see TeTe gone too she needs to mind her own business her story line is wack to.

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