LHHH Recap: Lyrica Confronts Female Artist for Getting Close to A1 + Teairra’s Boo May Be Married

A1 has been staying in a hotel since telling Lyrica he wants a divorce. He’s confused about how to move forward.

Lyrica is hurt that A1 would believe other people over her regarding the Safaree rumors.

Regardless, A1 does regret the hurtful argument they had the other night. But he’s willing to move on if it’s time to. Lyrica is ready to move forward without A1 if that’s what he wants.

Nikki and Paris are ready to tell Teairra what they found out about Akbar. 

Paris interrupts Miss Nikki’s baby massage session. She tells her that Akbar is actually a married man.

With the supposed wife still referring to Akbar as her husband on social media, things are looking fishy.

Nikki says that they should tell Teairra together.

Apple Watts gets a studio session with A1.

A1 is starting to feel like she has the potential to be a huge star. He even entered her into an upcoming showcase. He wants a pole on the stage so she can rap and strip at the same time.

She’s open to the concept.

They then talk about Roccstar. She tells A1 that Roccstar wanted her to stop dealing with A1.

“He’s jealous of me. I got with Lyrica and of course I felt like he liked her.” – A1

A1 also says that he made a track for Roccstar and never got money from it. He feels Roccstar is thirsty for attention.

Lyrica’s second album is in the works.

She goes to Roccstar’s rehearsal and wants to get back in the studio with him.

He’s glad to see her and jokes that A1 would be upset to know she’s there. He’s shocked when she tells him that she and A1 broke up.

“Too much nail polish?” – Roccstar

Roccstar says that A1 should be humble because Lyrica was with him when he was just a scrub.

They decide that working together on Lyrica’s upcoming album would be a good idea.

Brooke meets with Stassia.

She tells Stassia that her and Marcus are going to be married soon.

“Did he tell you I might be pregnant?” – Stassia

Marcus shows up and isn’t happy to see both women talking.

He’s nervous and confused. Brooke says she’s cool with a baby possibly being on the way because that means she doesn’t have to have one.

Stassi and Marcus go to the side and start arguing. They want to know what the other is doing there.

Angered, Stassi begins to leave, Brooke teases that she’ll be at her doctor’s appointment. Marcus admits he’s turned on by Brooke’s crazy ways.

They kiss.

Teairra isn’t convinced.

A1 performs at the Globe Theater.

La Brittney is in attendance and dances on the stage as he performs.

After the performance, La Brittney thanks A1 for the opportunity. She says she’s performing in Donatella’s showcase, the same one that Apple is performing in.

Marcus comes up to speak to A1. He tells A1 what Brooke has been doing and that Stassi may be pregnant.

He plans to take her to the clinic so she can take a blood test.

Brooke plans on showing up. A1 thinks Brooke is crazy but Marcus is attracted to her behavior.

Loyd, A1’s older brother, shows up and speaks. He says they are fine and apologizes for trying to attack A1.

A1 also apologizes and admits Loyd may have been right about Lyrica.

Solo Lucci, Marcus and Loyd are surprised to hear that A1 wants a divorce. Loyd’s wife Patrice says she’s not surprised because Lyrica has always been a problem.

Somewhere else in the venue, Nikki and Paris meet up with Teairra. They tell her that Akbar is married.

She’s not buying it and feels they are just being petty because they don’t like him.

Teairra decides to confront Akbar about the rumors.

They meet for dinner. She tells him about what Nikki and Paris told her.

Akbar says he’s not married and the woman in question, Sade, is in his past. But Akbar says he thinks Teairra and Sade would get along if they met.

Lyrica hits the studio with Roccstar.

In a green screen interview, she admits regretting telling Roccstar about the status of her marriage to A1.

Roccstar tells her she should start putting herself back out there because A1 has been spending time with La Britney.

He shows her video of La Brittney dancing on stage during A1’s performance. This upsets Lyrica and she plans on confronting both A1 and La Britney.

Stassi and Marcus go to the doctor’s office so she can take a pregnancy test.

Marcus says the results will determine their future.

The doctor tells them the results are negative.

Regardless, Marcus gives Stassi a big hug.

When they walk out the office, Brooke pops up and asks about the results.

Brooke throws rubbers at Stassi when she finds out that Stassi isn’t pregnant.

Marcus holds Stassi back and security keeps anything from going down. Stassi storms off.

After Stassi leaves, Brooke tells Marcus she has something special for him. They kiss outside of the doctor’s office.

La’Britney meets up with Jay Will.

Jay Will says he is a bis*xual rapper. So he knows he has to work hard to make it in the industry.

They discuss the upcoming showcase. Both are excited about their performances.

A1 comes up in the conversation. La’Britney says that she peeped that Lyrica watched her performance on Snap. Jay Will tells her to be ready because Lyrica is going to confront her.

Paris and Nikki meet with Akbar’s wife, Sade.

Apparently Paris got Sade to show up by saying that Nikki wants to invest in Sade’s clothing line.

They ask her about Akbar and Sade is thrown off. But they explain that Akbar has been dating Teairra.

Sade says they are really married.

They have homes in LA, Atlanta and Dallas.

Irritated, Sade shows them video of her recently spending time with Akbar.

Paris asks if they have an open marriage and Sade says she never said that. When Paris calls Akbar a womanizer, Sade goes off. She says that they don’t know Akbar and they don’t what he’s doing with Teairra.

She then storms off when she realizes the investment proposal was just a ruse.

Still angry about the exchange, Paris says Sade’s marriage must be an open one or she’s in denial.

It’s the night of Donatella’s showcase.

La’Britney takes the stage.

Lyrica walks into the venue during her performance. She speaks to Moniece.

In a green screen interview, Moniece says that she and Lyrica are in a better place now. They hug when they see each other.

Moniece asks what’s going on with Lyrica and A1. Lyrica admits things aren’t good.

Apple Watts then takes the stage.

Roccstar thinks it was dumb for Apple to perform with a pole on the stage.

After the performance, Apple goes to speak to Lyrica and Moniece.

Jay Will is backstage prepping for his performance. He feels the pressure being a bi rapper from Compton.

He becomes his alter ego Kandie, and steps on stage with long nails, lashes, a skirt and wig.

The audience shows him love after the end of the performance.

Kandie joins Lyrica, Moniece and Apple once the performance is over. Apple walks Lyrica over to A1 so they can talk.

Lyrica immediately asks La’Britney why she was at A1’s show. But La’Britney doesn’t back down and says she can do what she wants. This angers Lyrica and they are both restrained.

“You shouldn’t been there hoe.” – Lyrica

They begin arguing and security continues to restrain them. A1 takes La’Britney outside and says she’s being disrespectful. La’Britney doesn’t care though.

A1 goes back inside the club and asks Lyrica what she’s doing.

Roccstar interrupts the conversation. He and A1 start arguing.

Once Roccstar takes his jacket off, he swings on A1 as security steps in. Lyrica tells Roccstar he’s wrong because A1 is still her husband.

This irritates Roccstar and he’s escorted out of the building.

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