‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: The Braxton Sisters Walk Out, Refusing to Film

Toni stresses over her wedding.

The episode opens at Toni’s house. Toni’s hosting Evelyn in her home to talk about her wedding. She tells Evelyn she doesn’t have a date scheduled. 

Both Birdman and Toni have busy schedules that are giving them troubles. She doesn’t have a dress either. Toni complains that her sisters aren’t helping “big enough.” 

Overall, Toni’s concerned about not scheduling her wedding around her schedule, having to go on tour shortly after the wedding. 

Evelyn’s supporting her no matter what.

Towanda tries on a red wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Traci and the sisters are out helping Toni shop for dresses. Interestingly enough, Toni’s not there to try on dresses.

They do deliver the message that Birdman wants Toni to wear a red dress. The dress-maker suggests they combine red and white together. 

Towanda tries on a red dress that could work for Toni. Traci thinks Towanda could be trying to scratch an itch with her new man. Trina notices this too.

Things get awkward when fruit flies fly into Traci’s champagne.

When Towanda comes out in the dress, she has a red veil. Towanda says she’s has an open mind in getting married again with a wedding.

Toni’s at the Sag-Aftra Foundation to talk about her movie “Faith Under Fire.” She’s making rounds, campaigning for an Emmy nomination. She explains her process for her role in the movie, and how she embraced the character.

Although she has peace working, it’s been a challenge filming this movie, her recording career, being a mom while planning a wedding.

Evelyn plays off her feelings about Archbishop Billings.

Traci took her mom Evelyn out shopping and she asks about Archbishop Billings. Evelyn remains quiet about it, saying she likes talking about scriptures. 

Traci thinks they got more in common than just the Bible.

She then tells Evelyn that Kevin Jr. and Oliviah moved out of her home, and she’s sad about it. She only saw her grand baby just a few times since they moved out.

Luckily, Traci’s been occupied with her music career.

Later on, Trina and Traci meet their personal trainer fora workout.

After their intense workout, they talk about Towanda hiding her boyfriend from them. They open joke about Towanda’s boyfriend having BO.

Later on, Towanda and Trina are on assignment to drink sample for Toni’s wedding. They try edible cocktails and other different kinds. While drink tasting, Trina expresses frustration with Toni not picking her date. She notes it takes weeks for them to properly design the dress.

A new opportunity gets revealed to Traci.

Traci’s still apprehensive about talking to Tamar and Toni about the tour fallout. He manager Cliff calls Traci and she thinks he’s asking about the sit-down. However, Cliff tells Traci she has her own promo tour for the album.

“This could not have happen to me any better. God had a plan for me and I can’t wait for it to happen.” – Traci

Cliff tells Traci she’s performing at each venue for about 30 minutes. 

Traci’s ready to have dinner with her sisters and share the good news. 

She heads to dinner and meets Towanda and Trina there. Toni shows up late but they’re all happy Trina’s there. Tamar isn’t there and Trinia’s disappointed. Toni tried to contact Tamar but she didn’t answer he phone. 

During dinner, Towanda does her best to get Traci to talk to Toni about the tour, but she remains quiet. Trina says they should not push Traci about it if he found peace. 

When Traci does talk, she tells everyone about her promo tour. Toni then tells everyone that she’s not going on tour. She’s actually going to film another movie. 

Trina then tells them about the restaurant and licensing agreement. The last time she brought it up to Toni, Toni declined the offer. It gets tense when Trina brings up the agreement pitch again.

Things get tense when Toni declines the offer once more. 

Overall, Toni wants all of her sisters involved in her wedding. Traci makes things awkward if Towanda’s mystery boyfriend is a s*x toy.

The Braxton Sisters refuse to film.

The episode ends with the ladies who were supposed to be in Atlanta for filming. Co-Executive Producer is on set wench an unexpected turn of events occurs.

Charles gets a call that no one is showing up.

“The talent is not showing up to set, so we’re just gonna shut down.” – Charles

He tells everyone that they will shout down production and regroup. At this point, the news of them not heading to set makes the blogs. 

What are you thoughts on the episode?

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