Watch: Donatella & Solo Lucci Shade Akbar’s Wife Sade

It’s not unusual for the shade to spill over onto the weekly “Check Yourself” segments.

Now that it’s been confirmed that Akbar may have a wife, the cast isn’t holding back on her first appearance on LHHH.

And the shade thrown by Donatella and Solo Lucci was a bit tough.

While giving their opinions on the most recent episode via “Check Yourself,” they made it clear they aren’t here for Sade.

In fact, Donatella had this to say about Nikki pretending she wanted to invest in Sade’s clothing line just to get her to agree to meeting:

Judging by what Sade is wearing right now, I’m not sure Nikki’s going to want to invest in that.

She looks tired. Looks like her man is putting her through it. And boy, does it take it out of you.

Solo Lucci took it even further and shaded Sade’s looks more harshly:

I wonder, does she got some sisters? That look way better than her, though.

Check out the video below.

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