LHHH Recap: Roccstar & Brooke Take Advantage of Moniece’s Health Scare

lhhh season 5 episode 9
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It’s been a crazy week for Teairra.

Now that she is convinced Akbar is the one who leaked the explicit video, she has been hiding away from just about everyone. She meets with Brooke who is ready to spill some more tea.

She explains that Akbar is really charismatic. He likes to meet and pick up women at the grocery store.

Brooke is convinced that Akbar targeted Teairra intentionally for relevance. To her everything looks like a publicity stunt for Teairra.

And Brooke thinks it’s weird that Teairra is still hanging around Akbar. So she wonders if Teairra leaked the video herself.

But Teairra says she’s still been seeing Akbar because she still loves him and wanted answers. However, she didn’t leak the video and she’s moving forward with her lawsuit.

Teairra believes it’s the only way to save her reputation.

The conversation turns into Nikki and Paris. She feels both haven’t been around enough amid all the Akbar developments. But Brooke tells her she will give her the support she needs.

They hug it out.

Marques Anthony wants to work with Apple Watts.

He made some music videos for some major artists. Apple meets him on the set of a music video.

Amber Diamond is also there so she and Apple catch up. She explains to Apple what happened with Roccstar and her mother recently.

Apple still feels Amber is lucky to have such a supportive mother. So Amber suggests that Apple give her a chance. They agree to set up a meeting.

It’s been ten years since Bridgett’s first major record deal.

She is having a listening party for her new music.

Brooke and Moniece do some catching up at the event. With the Teairra situation being the hot topic, Moniece says you never know if people leak their own tapes now. Moniece also isn’t sure Nikki is capable of truly being supportive. So Brooke tells her she should show up to Teairra’s press conference. Moniece isn’t sure that’s a good idea since they fell out.

Donatella and Bridgett join the conversation. Donatella booked Bridgett for a London trip to promote her music. She invites Moniece and Brooke. They accept the invitations.

Jay Will pops up and he’s still salty about his recent audition. The gig was given to La’Britney.

He pulls Moniece to the side and tells her that Misster Ray wasn’t happy that Jay Will didn’t perform as Kandie.

Moniece feels that if La’Britney was a real friend to Jay Will, she would turn down the performance. She also says that La’Britney has been sliding in A1’s DMs.

So she urges Jay Will to check La’Britney.

She walks away and spots Roccstar.

He tells Moniece that he’s working with Amber Diamond and was briefly working with Lyrica. In a green screen interview, he says Moniece seems crazy but he’s willing to get in the studio with her.

It’s the day of Teairra’s press conference.

Her lawyer confirms they are moving forward with a lawsuit.

Some unexpected attendees show up, including Alejandra and Sade.

Teairra’s nerves are a mess and she struggles at first to give her speech. But she gets it together and says she feels like she was taken advantage of.

Paris and Nikki are watching it on TV. They aren’t convinced Teairra is really done with Akbar.

“I don’t want to be wrapped up in a lawsuit that has nothing to do with me.  I have to think about me and the bigger picture.” – Nikki

K. Michelle is watching the press conference and she feels some things don’t add up. The whole situation reminds her of what went down with Mimi.

“Fame is the worst drug known to man.” – K. Michelle

She’s scheduled to get in the studio with Akbar soon and she’s feeling really nosy.

Moniece shows support and Teairra thanks her for showing up to the press conference. Brooke tells Teairra that Sade said she was the one who leaked the video as she was leaving the press conference.

Teairra believes that Sade is lying to cover for Akbar.

Later, Teairra tells Brooke and Moniece where she stands with Nikki and Paris.

In Moniece’s opinion, she feels Nikki has never been an authentic person. Brooke thinks Nikki just isn’t convinced Teairra is done with Akbar. But she tells Teairra to confront Nikki and see what’s going on.

They then discuss being excited about their upcoming trip to London. Teairra decides to go with them. They toast to this.

K. Michelle is ready to get back to business.

She meets with Akbar to discuss getting in the studio together.

It doesn’t take long before K. Michelle asks him who leaked the video. He doesn’t confirm or deny Sade nor Alejandra leaked it.

He admits he wants Teairra to be open to being in his harem.

“You’re a smooth talker. That’s why you’re trouble.” – K. Michelle

So K. Michelle feels it’s probably not a good idea for her to get caught up in the drama. She’s going to put her plans of working with Akbar on hold for now.

Amber Diamond wants to make things right with her mom Shun Love.

Her mother doesn’t want to be her manager for right now and prefers to focus on repairing their relationship. Amber reluctantly agrees to this. They hug.

Shun Love says Apple is rough around the edges from what she’s seen on the internet.

Apple comes by and meets Shun. She tells Shun she’s going to jail next month for a DUI and she’s dealing with drinking problems.

Not too long after the conversation, Apple plays one of her songs for Shun. The music impresses Shun.

“You got a lot of potential, girl. Full package.” – Shun

Since she’s impressed by Apple, Shun agrees to manager her.

Brunch brings peace between Nikki and Teairra.

Paris and Nikki hang out at brunch.

Teairra and Moniece pull up so Teairra can confront Nikki.

Nikki tells Teairra that she didn’t show up to the press conference because her dad was in the hospital.

She says this was all on the blogs and the world doesn’t revolve around Teairra. It also comes out that Nikki is afraid Akbar may try to sue her because Akbar may think she pushed Teairra to file a lawsuit.

But Teairra reminds her that she was there for Nikki when her brother died.

Moniece says all of them have been in Teairra’s shoes. Nikki apologizes and Teairra realizes they are fighting for no reason. So she’s ready to squash it.

Jay Will confronts La’Britney.

He pops up at her rehearsal. Jay tells her that he didn’t want to audition as Kandie.

After he tells her that they can’t be compared, La’Britney says he sounds bitter. But Britney is determined to go on the London trip. She’s not going through with the performance since she’s going to London instead.

After he says that La’Britney is sleeping with A1, they start arguing.

Security restrains them.

Brooke and Roccstar take advantage of Moniece’s health scare.

Moniece hits the studio with Roccstar.

While she likes the song, she’s not confident about how she sounds.

Brooke comes by to show her support.

After Brooke sings along with the track, Moniece suggests she records the song instead. But Roccstar and Brooke tell her to get back in the booth.

She and Roccstar laugh feeling like Moniece may end up being another Amber Diamond situation.

Moniece doesn’t notice this, and passes out before she gets back in the booth.

So the ambulance is called. She starts crying and freaking out.

It’s looking like Moniece is having a panic attack.

Roccstar pulls Brooke to the side, and tells Brooke he thinks Moniece is faking the panic attack because she knew she was about to be showed up by Brooke.

As Moniece is being wheeled into the ambulance, Brooke gets in the booth and records the song.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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