Porsha Williams Confirms Pregnancy

porsha williams and boyfriend Dennis McKinley
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It’s been rumored for weeks now that Porsha Williams is having a baby with her boo Dennis McKinley.

She confirmed the rumor moments ago on Instagram and through an exclusive with People Magazine.

Past struggles with conceiving a baby have made Porsha nervous about getting pregnant again.

On the exciting news, Porsha tells People:

When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited [but] I had mixed feelings. The other feeling that I had beside excitement was fear.

I’ve had a miscarriage before in my past, which I’ve also been open about because I suffer with fibroids and had to have a myomectomy.

So just the fear of, ‘Is the baby going to be okay? Will I make it full term?’ All those questions that you ask if you’ve had a miscarriage before.

Despite the anxiety, Porsha has been feeling a lot more confident about her pregnancy now that she’s heard and seen the baby at doctor visits.

As for Dennis, Porsha confirms that this is his first child as well. She tells the publication that she’s known him for years, but they’ve only been dating this past year. McKinley is an entrepreneur from Detroit.

The couple doesn’t know the baby’s gender yet, but they have already been discussing names.


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