LHHH Recap: Teairra Storms out of Interview When Asked About Video + Moniece & La’Britney Clash

lhhh season 5 episode 10

The ladies prepare for their trip to London.

Brooke isn’t so sure Moniece will be still going to London.

She meets up with Donatella and Bridgett to give them a recap of the previous night with Moniece in the studio. Brooke still thinks it was an act because Moniece didn’t sound like she wanted to at the moment.

Moniece then shows up and speaks to the ladies. Regardless of the moment, Moniece says her doctor has cleared her for travel.

La’Britney is also coming on the trip and Moniece isn’t sure this is a good idea.

They then discuss Teairra Mari and Moniece tells them she’s coming along on the trip as well.

Not too long after, Paris and La’Britney pop up. La’Britney tells Moniece she’s not performing at the showcase because she wants more exposure. The UK trip will do that for her.

Donatella tells them that although she booked the trip, she can’t go because she has multiple previous engagements.

They all toast to the trip.

Lyrica catches up with her mom.

They both realize that it’s a really dramatic time for Lyrica to be pregnant.

A1 is talking with Loyd and explains that he feels Ray J and his other friends are being really messy. In a green screen interview, A1 says he feels like his friends are just judging him right now. And he’s over it.

When Lyrica G. asks Lyrica if A1 is believing the rumors, she says that there are moments when he’s not even sure what to believe. But her mother tells her that she doesn’t need to care about what anyone says, and just know her truth. They hug.

Loyd tells A1 he will always be there for him. When he asks A1 if he’s sure the baby is his, A1 doesn’t answer.

La’Britney calls out Moniece.

The girls arrive to London.

They decide to get a car service. In a green screen interview, Teairra says she hasn’t forgotten about Paris and Nikki not being there for her back home.

As they ride around in two different cars, they do some sight-seeing.

Both La’Britney and Moniece are in two different cars and are already talking smack about each other.

Teairra and Paris start arguing. Paris says she wants positive vibes on the trip but Teairra thinks she’s a fake friend.

Shortly after, they arrive to their rental house.

It has three floors.

House rules are discussed. La’Britney calls out Moniece and tells her to stop telling people she’s sleeping with A1. She denies this is true.  La’Britney then says she heard that Moniece has been hooking up with K. Michelle. Moniece calmly denies this.

Teairra’s sobriety is tested.

It’s time for a night out on the town.

They head to a pub. The drinks start flowing.

Teairra is sober and gets tempted to have a drink too. She gets annoyed after Paris tells her she can have a drink because she’s on vacation.

Seconds later, Teairra disappears outside. Moniece goes outside to check on her.

She admits to Moniece that she really wants to have a drink. But she knows she’s triggered and rehab has prepared her to just walk away.

Moniece says that she will support her in whatever she wants to do. So Teairra tells her she wants to go back to the house. They walk back as the other ladies enjoy their time in the pub.

Shun Love and her attorney are waiting to have a meeting with Apple.

They arrive to the restaurant early and wait.

She never shows up and Shun is convinced that Apple isn’t serous about her music career. Things are now already rocky between Apple and Shun.

Teairra confronts Paris and Nikki.

It’s another day in London.

Paris, Nikki, Teairra and Moniece meet for a bite to eat.

They hash things out.

Moniece says that La’Britney has been in a lot of people’s DMs.

K. Michelle is then discussed. Paris says she feels K. overreacted because she only took $50 from her. She says that the situation has hurt he career because K. has bashed her so much.

“She used her platform to tell the world I was a thief.” – Paris

Bridget hopes a bus tour will get everyone on the same page.

Both Moniece and Nikki skip out on the ride.

They learn about the history of the royals. Scandals and all. Everyone gets along.

Shun Love and Apple clash.

Apple hasn’t been answering Shun’s calls and she’s ready to confront her.

When Shun walks up in the club, she asks Apple if dancing is what she wants to do this for the rest of her life. Apple says she has to dance to take care of her kids.

“You want someone throwing dollars or hundreds?” – Shun

Even angrier at this point, Shun screams for Apple to get off the stage.

While Shun is convinced that she can help Apple make some real money, Apple feels dancing is the more secure choice. She has a hard time trusting people but she’s going to try to do things Shun’s way.

Both ladies agree to get serious and work together to take Apple to the next level.

Moniece and La’Britney hash things out.

Paris sets the meeting up.

La’Britney says that they are both mothers and should stick together because the industry is so cutthroat. She explains that she did send A1 a DM, but it was just to network She wasn’t trying to sleep with him.

She’s tired of being lied on.

Lady LeShur is on a track of hers with Kash Doll. She’s serious about her music career. Moniece is impressed and willing to move forward.

Teairra has to relieve the tape scandal.

It’s press day for Bridget.

Bridget does some interviews. She’s really happy to discuss her new music.

Brooke and La’Britney come outside and decide to hijack the interviews.

After Brooke suggests that La’Britney opens up for Bridget’s show, Bridget gets a little annoyed but agrees to it.

Teairra comes outside and joins the interview.  She is immediately asked about the leaked video.

The interviewer asks where he can see it. This angers Teairra and she storms off. The interviewer then says that he saw Akbar in K. Michelle’s comments flirting and she responded back.

Bridget then comes into the house to check up on Teairra.

“Leave me alone!” – Teairra

“Well, I tried.” – Bridget

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