‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Tamar & Iyanla Have Tense Moments + Toni Reveals True Feelings

Braxton Family Values Finale
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Iyanla begins day 3 wanting to set “boundaries,” but Tamar is very combative.

The episode begins during day two of the Braxton’s healing session with Iyanla, and Iyanla angrily left. Tamar left immediately afterwards. Evelyn thinks everything should’ve been handled better.

The rest of the family remained for the rest of the day. On day three, Iyanla returned, and Traci’s ready to face their family drama. Towanda hopes everyone, including Tamar, shows up for their healing.

Tamar eventually showed. She’s dressed in army fatigues. She removes Trina’s fake eye lashes and applies mascara. Iyanla begins their session, addressing what happened the day before.

Iyanla first brings up that Toni showed up late, breaking their agreement, but Toni appreciates how she wasn’t too harsh on her. Tamar brings up how she felt disrespected and singled out by Iyanla’s aggressiveness.

Next, when Iyanla asked Tamar when she arrived, Tamar says she had no idea. Iyanla says Tamar violated their agreement by arriving late, and another back and forth ensues. In her interview, Tamar says Iyanla arrived during their third day together with an agenda.

As Iyanla talks, Tamar continues to make faces. Iyanla tries to talk to Traci about the walkout, and Tamar interrupts her. Iyanla quickly takes the room back. She then asks where Tamar’s pain comes from. This aggravates Tamar to the point where she confronts Iyanla.

“I have a right to my experience.” – Iyanla

“And I have my right to detest your experience.” – Tamar

Through Tamar’s tantrum, Michael faces his truths. Evelyn’s also had enough of Tamar.

Things escalate to the point where Iyanla calls Tamar’s behavior abusive. Michael chimes in, saying that he’s been passive in not disciplining Tamar for her outbursts when she was younger.

Tamar spoke up, saying Michael was never around and feels all of them left Tamar behind. Trina speaks up next, disagreeing that she, along with the rest of the family, left her behind.

In her interview, Traci says she can relate to Tamar’s feelings.

Tamar gets uncomfortable and antsy in her seat, and tells Iyanla to stop with the name calling.

“Your attitude is abusive.” – Tamar

“I love you. You have cut people off all day.” – Iyanla

Eventually, Evelyn steps in, telling Tamar to be quiet. She tells Iyanla that she must not disrespect Iyanla.

“Respect your elders. You say one more word, and I got you. You will respect her!” – Evelyn

In protest, Tamar grabs her belongings and heads to her car. Tamar says she felt herself going off and she wanted to calm down.

Iyanla finally gets to the bottom the work stoppage, which Tamar started.

Later on, a one on one conversation is shown between Iyanla and Traci. Traci explains that she was concerned about not getting her pay check .

In her conversation with Trina, Towanda says Tamar came up with the idea of the work stoppage. Iyanla explains to them that Traci felt her voice isn’t heard.

Iyanla asks if Tamar can film her own show and Toni can do her own thing, why couldn’t Traci keep filming.

“Touche’ Iyanla.” – Trina

Traci says it felt good that Iyanla felt her point of view.

As Tamar remains in the car, Iyanla sits with Evelyn and Michael. Iyanla points out that Tamar’s outburst originated from the breakdown of their relationship.

Iyanla asks if they’re still mad at each other, and Evelyn said no. She learns Evelyn and Michael got married as teenagers.

“He was my first love, my best friend. The way I see it, my husband died. I don’t know this man.” – Evelyn

Iyanla points out that the two of them aren’t ready to see that their children’s behavior is a direct reflection of Evelyn and Michael.

Toni doesn’t like her family, at all.

Eventually, Iyanla sits down with Toni for a one on one. Toni says it was a bad thing when she first got signed. That’s because her sisters weren’t picked up by L.A. Reid’s label. Traci told her that she could help put them on, and that added pressure.

Toni brings up how she stepped up in a motherly role when Evelyn had a back injury. Iyanla asked what would’ve happened if her sisters weren’t around.

“I would’ve soared higher.” – Toni

Iyanla says Toni will be okay, even if her family doesn’t support her, and tells her she needs to “let them fly.”

Things turn tense when Iyanla asks what she would really say to her family.

Afterwards, Iyanla brings everyone back together, and Tamar joins them. They’re all seated at a well-dressed dinner table, with Iyanla at the head. She wants to get them to all work together, identifying their issues and causes.

So Iyanla gets all of them to lay out everything on the table. Michael goes first, confessing he didn’t emotionally support his daughters, abandoning them. He also confesses that the divorce causes a breakdown in the family. Towanda goes next, confessing she wasn’t honest to her sisters, and feels judged.

Trina says she deliberately separated herself from them and judged them all. She also still feels in the middle of her parent’s divorce. Evelyn says she was wrong to put them in the middle of the divorce, and is too involved in their lives.

Toni’s confession cuts deep.

“Most of the time, I don’t like my family; everyone in my family. If they weren’t my family, they wouldn’t be my friends.” – Toni

This appears to stun everyone but they all remain composed. Trina disagrees with Toni.

Traci confesses that she feels pain and hurt with her family at times, but can be selfish.

Finally, it’s Tamar’s turn. She confessed she’s spoiled, obnoxious, unkind and unfair. She also says she was disrespectful.

“I came into this situation to basically exonerate myself and be right.” – Tamar

She begins to sob as she says she’s choosing to be a better sister. Everyone says they forgive her. This includes Traci, as she sobs on the table.

“Forgive me for not being there for you.” – Traci

Overall, everyone believes Tamar’s apology saying it was heartfelt. Tamar finally admits to Iyanla she needs help.

What are your thoughts of the episode?

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