TI Slams Kanye West After Kanye’s Latest Trump Publicity Stunt

ti and kanye west
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We told you over a year ago that media insiders felt like Kanye West started to support Donald Trump to advance himself.

Not only was it confirmed that Kanye actually donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but Kanye basically confirmed his self-serving agenda to Charlamagne Tha God in an interview.

And it’s not like the Kardashian-Jenner agenda hasn’t been made clear already. In fact, Kris Jenner told Cardi B, “People are going to talk badly about you, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re making money.”

So it’s pretty obvious what Kanye is up to in our opinion. The timing isn’t a coincidence either. Taylor Swift hijacked headlines with her public support of Tennessee democrats and now Kanye wants to suck up all the attention.

He also told Charlamagne that he’s supporting Trump because Trump’s win means he too can be president someday.

Since then, Kanye has insulted the black community on a number of occasions.

The rapper said slavery was a choice. And he’s said that black people need to get over racism and get off welfare.

Despite this, Kanye still managed to hold on to support in the music industry.

In fact, the only major rapper to call out Kanye’s antics has been Snoop Dogg. But even Snoop backtracked after Kanye proclaimed his love for Snoop.

Regardless, TI is ready to distance himself from Kanye.

He wrote a lengthy caption after posting the following video:


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