Ceaser from ‘Black Ink Crew’ Drags Richard and Melody

ceaser from black ink crew
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ceaser from Black Ink Crew has had enough.

It looks like there’s more feuding for the stars of “Black Ink Crew.”

On the most recent episode, Ceaser and Richard came to blows. Cease is furious that Young Bae allowed both Richard and Puma back into the shop during his absence.

Bae wanted Richard and Puma to help her run the 113 shop while everyone else was away in New Orleans. But Cease’s former friends only came to party and trash the place.

Cease confronted Richard about this and things got violent.

Now the feud has spilled over onto social media.

And Melody has now been dragged into the messiness because of a certain emoji.

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