Toya Feels ‘Married To Medicine’ Cast May Be Getting Karma for Treatment of Lisa

toya from married to medicine
Photo Credit: Bravo

Longtime fans of “Married To Medicine” remember Lisa Nicole Cloud.

Her marriage to Darren Naugles has been tested plenty of times. Plus, it was a hot topic for the other women on the show.

Now some of the women are having marriage problems of their own.

This is the reason why Lisa has been on Toya Bush Harris’ mind.

During an interview with Bravo, she was asked about what she thinks of the criticism Lisa received while she was on the show.

And Toya seems to think that “what goes around comes around” applies here.

She said:

I wish we would have been a little more sensitive to Lisa and her situation because it’s amazing to see things come full circle.

Like they say, what goes around comes around. And if I could speak for everybody on ‘Married To Medicine,’ I’ll just say that we should have definitely been a little more less critical.

Definitely less critical.

Check out the video below.

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