LHHH Recap: Brooke Confronts Amber over Marcus, Booby Returns + Lyrica is Exposed

lhhh season 5 episode 15
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Paris hits up the boxing gym with Booby.

In a green screen interview, she says she used to work with Keyshia Cole, whom she considers “the real K.”

He tells her he’s found love.

They change the topic and discuss Paris’ beef with K. Michelle. She explains that the clashed recently and she threw her drink in K’s face.

When Paris tells Booby that Brooke is engaged to Marcus, he says he needs to have a conversation with Marcus to make sure that Marcus is actually doing right by Brooke.

La’Britney and Kash Doll are getting ready to shoot a music video for their new track.

Both are proud of their humble beginnings.

Kash says she was stuck in a contract for two years and could not record any music.

It is revealed that La’Britney has two sons. It’s hard for her to be away from them. But both of her sons will be there soon to visit her.

Apple Watts is released from jail.

She’s ready to get back to working on her music career. Shun Love got her a really nice apartment. With her kids moving in with her soon, she feels like she’s getting a fresh start.

Lyrica catches up with Apple Watts and Amber Diamond at A1’s party.

Meanwhile, A1’s mom tells Marcus she has a new boo. Her man is Nigerian. She met him on a dating site.

Amber tells Apple and Lyrica that she’s been in contact with Marcus. The messy side of Lyrica hopes Amber takes Marcus away from Brooke.

Minutes later, Amber tells Marcus that Brooke was in the studio with Roccstar. This news upsets Marcus.

There’s more good news for Lyrica and A1. After Lyrica asks A1 to marry her again, he says yes and they agree to renew their vows.

Marcus confronts Brooke.

He’s cold towards her and Brooke picks up on this. He tells her what Amber told him.

So Brooke admits that she was in the studio with Roccstar. She made a song about Marcus called “F*ck Boy Tendencies.”

When Marcus asks how he’s a F boy, she runs down all the things he’s done, including liking a naughty photo of Amber on social media.

Both are about sick of each other.

Apple’s father John comes by her new place.

He admits he met with Shun Love.

John says that he didn’t like that Shun criticized his relationship with Apple. But Apple wants John to stay in his place and let her run her own music career.

Bridget Kelly and Brooke plot.

Brooke tells Bridget about what Amber told Marcus.

They get the bright idea to use a fake text message app to send fake text messages to Amber from Marcus’ phone number.

With Marcus being in the industry, Shun thinks it may be in Amber’s best interest to respond.

Both Brooke and Bridget send a fake text inviting Amber to Brooke’s single release party.

Shun defends what she said to John.

She tells Apple that she doesn’t have to respond to John and calls him ugly. When Shun tells Apple that John said he may not even be her biological father, Apple realizes he may not be who she thinks he is. So she wants to take a DNA test.

Pam and Lyrica G. are cool, again.

They shop together to find outfits for A1 and Lyrica’s vow renewal.

When A1’s sister in law Patrice arrives, Lyrica G. says she does’t want Patrice at the renewal. But Patrice says that she has text messages that show Lyrica was sleeping around.

Angry from the exchange, Lyrica G. storm off.

“You a hoe, hoe! And that’s why your momma is too!” – Patrice

After Lyrica G. leaves, Patrice shows off screenshots A1 sent her that they believe proves Lyrica was unfaithful.

La’Britney spends time with her sons.

She tells them she misses them and hopes they can move to LA to live with her soon.

It’s the day of Brooke’s single release party.

After she performs, she has a conversation with Roccstar. She thanks him for inspiring her to keep grinding.

Bridget and Paris catch up. Paris tells Bridget that she got invited to Lyrica and A1’s vow renewal. It’s revealed that Bridget wasn’t invited.

Turns out Paris invited Booby to the party. He confronts Brooke for not telling him she’s engaged to Marcus. He also doesn’t think Marcus is doing right by Brooke. But Brooke doesn’t appreciate his timing because he’s been ghost since his current relationship.

When Amber and Shun Love show up, Brooke taunts them over the microphone. She explains that she sent them the fake text.

“I’m Marcus. Gotcha!” – Brooke

Shun throws her purse at Brooke.

When Bridget tries to get involved, Shun gets mad and snatches off Amber’s wig. She then throws it at Bridget. All the women are then restrained by security.

Meanwhile, Booby tells Paris to get him Marcus’ location.

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