‘Black Ink Crew’ Fan Accuses Teddy of Treating Non Black Women Better + He Responds

teddy from black ink
Photo Credit: VH1

Plenty fans of “Black Ink Crew” have pointed out their annoyance with the fact that Teddy is no stranger to hooking up with women who work at the shop.

This is one of the reasons there was tension between Jadah and Tati on the current season.

Although Teddy originally hooked up with Jadah, things fizzled out and he now has his eyes on Tati.

In a green screen interview, Teddy made it clear that he has a weakness for Latinas.

Some fans of the show have been accusing Teddy of treating Tati better than he treated the black women he’s been with on the show.

When one of his female followers didn’t hold back on Instagram, Teddy decided to get petty and shade her looks.

Check out the exchange below.

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