‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Sky Worries About Des + Kitty Comes to Blows with Her Possible Replacement

black ink crew season 7 episode 9
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Sky is overwhelmed with emotion as she hugs her son Genesis.

In a green screen interview, Sky is so grateful that he is no longer angry with her. He wants her to be in his life.

As for Genesis, he says having a relationship with Sky is bigger than him. He’s going to be a father one day and he would want Sky to be in her grandkids’ lives.

“We so much alike that’s why we don’t like each other sometimes.” – Genesis

Both laugh and Sky plans to take things one day at a time.

Donna recaps her fallout with Cease to Jadah.

Both are upset that he chose Tokie over Donna. When it comes to everyone at the shop, Donna feels like Cease is only loyal to Sky, Teddy and Walt. And none of them bring any money into the shop.

So she wants an apology from Cease or she’s done with Black Ink for good.

Something major forces Des to rethink his lifestyle choices.

Sky is still spending time with Des and Genesis at the shop.

Des reveals that a friend of his got shot and killed in his apartment.

While he doesn’t know the details of it, after being out, he came back and saw a bullet hole in his place. Cops were there and his friend was dead.

“Are you okay?” – Sky

In a green screen interview, Sky says that she thinks Des is hanging with the wrong crowd. But Des says he’s not in the streets.

“You are who you hang around.” – Genesis

Genesis warns Des that being in jail is not the life he wants. He urges Des to make better decisions.

Sky gets emotional and tells her sons that she needs them. But she needs Des to straighten up and he promises her that he will.

Lalo and Melody are clashing, again.

When she comes to his shop, he’s a bit cold towards her.

In a green screen interview, Melody says they argue over just about everything. She feels like she has to walk on eggshells all the time.

“What is your problem?” – Melody

Lalo says that he’s upset that Melody decided to work at Black Ink instead of focusing on the shop they have together. He points out that all they do at Black Ink is fight and party. They rarely tattoo.

“You have become a person I don’t like!” – Lalo

He also says he doesn’t want their kids to grow up like the Black Ink employees.

Melody breaks down in tears and storms off.

Sky gets some advice from Cease.

Cease and Sky catch up.

It’s hard for Cease to believe that Genesis came to the shop to have a civil discussion with Sky.

He recalls how messy things were not too long ago. Cease understands that Genesis just needed time to work out his emotions in his own time.

They change the topic and Sky tells Cease that she’s worried about Des.

“I just don’t know how to tackle this.” – Sky

After hearing that Des’ friend was killed, Cease suggests that Des moves in with Sky. He’s convinced Des just needs to be around someone who will be a better influence.

“That’s a good kid. He just hit a stumble, yo.” – Cease

Sky says she will have a talk with Des’ adoptive mom Candice.

Back at the shop, Tokie suggests they have a body painting party. Cease is down once he hears that there will be alcohol. Donna comes up in the conversation and Cease says that Donna no longer works there.

He’s not okay with the fact that Donna gave him an ultimatum at his own shop.

Kitty has competition.

A woman named Signature comes by the shop and says that she wants to be the Brand Ambassador. Kitty gets annoyed and says that she’s already the Brand Ambassador.

Signature is unfazed, and she explains to Cease how she can make the brand more visible.

She leaves her number with Cease.

Alex tries to see where Donna’s head is.

He tries to talk her into returning to Black Ink. This is done by Alex reminding Donna of all the things Cease has done for her.

In a green screen interview, Donna says she plans to go back to the shop eventually but she’s holding out for an apology. In the meantime, a client comes by her place to get a tattoo..

Melody vents to Kitty about her troubled romance with Lalo.

Becoming parents has made things really stressful between them.

At this point, they feel like strangers. She doesn’t want to become a single mom.

“I feel like I finally had a family to cling to and now it’s gone.” – Melody

They hug and Kitty tells Melody that she’s going to be there for her.

Des gets a new job.

Cease has a conversation with Des.

Both have a conversation about the crowd Des has been hanging around. Cease tells Des to be mindful of who he’s hanging around. He offers Des an internship at Black Ink.

Des happily accepts and they hug it out.

There’s no resolution between Cease and Donna.

It’s the night of the “Sip and Paint.”

Cease is impressed by what he sees.

Not too long after the party kicks off, Des arrives and Cease tells everyone he’s the new intern.

Everyone congratulates him. Cease gets annoyed when Des tells him that Sky is in Miami for business. Realizing Des has nowhere to stay for the night, he offers Des his couch.

Donna eventually shows up and says she needs to talk to Cease.

However, Cease doesn’t want to talk.

“Donna, I only got one thing to say. Get the f*ck out of here.” – Cease

Regardless, Donna tells him they need to go outside and talk.

Cease is not hearing this and refuses to budge.

“So you don’t have the decency to step outside and talk to me?” – Donna

In a green screen interview, Cease says that he feels like Donna is an entitled brat. She hasn’t appreciated the fact that he’s given her so  many opportunities.

After Donna says that she has put herself on the line many times for Cease, he feels like she’s completely delusional.

“I don’t need to talk to you anymore. You don’t respect nothing.” – Cease

Donna warns the others. 

She then tells the group to watch out because Cease has no problem letting go of a “dedicated employee” like her of five years.

“So just know that all of y’all positions is temporary.” – Donna

He and Donna then start arguing after Cease points out that Donna is telling him how he needs to run his shop. Donna denies this and says that she just deserves respect. But Cease feels like he deserves her respect and has never gotten it.

“You should respect my opinion. I’m the boss, little girl.” – Cease

In a green screen interview, Alex says he had no idea that Cease is this fed up with Donna. While he wants to step in and mediate the situation, he knows now is not a good time.

“I say what goes on in this b*tch, not y’all.” – Cease

Cease then goes into a rant about starting the shop a long time ago and even getting his start tattooing in the projects.

Realizing that things won’t be settled with Cease, Donna gives up on the conversation. On her way out, she warns the rest of the crew.

“Okay, good luck with your shop. So if that happened to me, just beware of what will happen to you.” – Donna

As Alex walks out with Donna, Cease calls him a “little p*ssy” for following behind her in a green screen interview.

Cease clashes with Kitty.

Kitty then tells Cease he could have at least hear Donna out. Cease gets mad and slams her for getting involved.

“Y’all b*tches is tripping, man.” – Cease

In a green screen interview, Kitty says it looked like Donna was coming into the shop to apologize and Cease should have went outside to hear her out.

“I’m tired of people disrespecting my authority. You have a problem, you can leave with Donna, too.” – Cease

“You on some other sh*t right now.” – Kitty

They continue to go back and forth.

“Stop playing with me, man. If you don’t like it, you can get the f*ck out, too.” – Cease

“Bye! F*ck you.” – Kitty

Kitty then storms out the shop.

Tati runs behind her to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Cease tells everyone else they can leave too if they have a problem.

He then decides to get back to the party.

Outside, Kitty says that Cease always acts like “an a*shole.” She feels like he needs to learn how to talk to his employees.

There’s a brawl between Kitty and Signature.

Signature then appears and speaks to Kitty and Tati before walking into the shop. This infuriates Kitty.

She speaks to everyone and gifts Cease with liquor.

Apparently she saw they were having a party on social media and wanted to come through. She then tells Cease her plans to take Black Ink to the next level.

Kitty is outside ranting and says that she has had to fight her entire time at Black Ink. For Signature to just waltz up in the shop and try to replace her is disrespectful since she feels Black Ink is the house she helped build.

When Kitty walks back into the party, Signature taunts her.

“That’s your Brand Ambassador.” – Signature

“Sure is. What’s up?” – Kitty

Kitty shakes Signature’s hand and then mushes her in the face.

Then she starts hitting Signature in the face repeatedly before they are both broken up.

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