Eva Marcille Responds to Criticism for Not Allowing Kevin McCall Around Their Daughter

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Fans of RHOA have been pretty vocal about the cast shakeups.

And the one of the newest peach holders, Eva Marcille, feels her spot is needed on the show.

When she appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” recently, Wendy straight up told Eva that she is too accomplished to be on the cast. Plus, Eva is married to a politician, so Wendy thinks the couple is too good for reality television.

Of course Eva disagreed and said that all representation is great for RHOA.

Both women then discussed Eva’s ex Kevin McCall. The former couple has a daughter together named Marley.

But Kevin hasn’t been in Marley’s life for years. This is why he went off on social media and threatened Eva’s husband Michael Sterling for posting a photo of himself being a father figure to Marley.

While many agree with Eva that Kevin isn’t mentally stable enough to be in Marley’s life, others feel Eva is wrong to keep Kevin at bay.

Here’s what Eva had to say about that:

What’s amazing to me is that he thinks biology is more important than being present. Marley knows her dad. He picks her up from school. He gave her life lessons. That’s her dad. So despite biology, and just being completely transparent, my husband was adopted. So for us, biology doesn’t matter cause the parents who raised him aren’t the parents who birthed him. 

And it’s really hard with a lot of people’s opinions and on Instagram, “That’s her dad. She should see him.”

He’s extremely dysfunctional. And he’s not at a place where it’s safe for himself and others. Why would I do that? Why? 

She also said she’d be open to Kevin being back in Marley’s life if he got some help and took the proper steps in court.

For now, she feels he has mental issues:

I’m just saying…he doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. 

Porsha Williams was discussed. Wendy said she doesn’t like Dennis McKinley for Porsha but Eva said Dennis is a great guy.

He’s a sweetheart. My husband knows him. My husband knows him. He supported his campaign. He owns a lot of restaurants in Atlanta…hookah lounge, he’s like the hot dog king. He has like all these different hot dog restaurants. 

So he’s making it. 

She told Wendy that it’s nothing wrong with Porsha being engaged and pregnant several months into the relationship, since Porsha has been married before and is approaching 40.

Of course, Wendy still doesn’t see it for the couple.

You can check out the interview below.

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