RHOA Recap: Shamari & Ronnie Had an Open Marriage + Eva Gets Called out by the Group

rhoa season 11 episode 4
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Kandi and Todd are considering getting a surrogate.

Todd and Kandi have an appointment with Dr. Jackie.

The couple wants to have another baby but Kandi is having problems conceiving. She thinks this may be due to her fibroids worsening. So they are interested in getting a surrogate.

Kandi also had some bleeding issues with her last pregnancy, so she thinks this is best.

Dr. Jackie tells them all of their options. Todd wants to use both embryos at the same time.

The cost for a surrogate is $90,000 to $130,000.

She suggests that Kandi and Todd talk to a surrogate she knows to learn what the process consists of.

“Are you nervous about it?” – Dr. Jackie

They can have two surrogates or one surrogate with twins if they choose to use both embryos.

NeNe gets a special request from Eva.

Eva heads to a lounge to meet Michael.

When he arrives, he sees her smoking a cigar and having a drink.

In a green screen interview, Eva says that it was love at first sight. They met at a fundraiser.

Wedding planning has been stressful for Eva. She’s been leaning on NeNe for advice.

So she asked NeNe to do the toast at the wedding. Michael isn’t sure NeNe will be funny enough for the toast. But Eva tells Michael she’s funny enough.

Porsha meets Dennis’ mother Gina.

Dennis hasn’t introduced anyone to Gina in years.

He also says that his mother didn’t like his last girlfriend.

When Gina arrives, Porsha gives her a hug and a birthday gift.

It’s a Louis Vuitton wallet.

His mother helps Dennis run his “hotdog empire.”

The couple opens up about their relationship and tells his mother that they are in love. She’s not thrilled that Dennis told Porsha he loved her on the first night.

She then asks if they are already headed towards marriage.

This question makes Dennis uncomfortable.

“I mean, it’s the purpose of dating, right?” – Dennis

Gina then asks how they feel about prenups. Porsha says they haven’t had that conversation yet. However, she believes that both she and Dennis are down for prenups.

Mike FaceTimes Cynthia while she’s at home.

She tells him about her upcoming Bailey Que.

Since she’s never had all the ladies over at Lake Bailey, she’s hoping everything goes well.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says she’s really happy with Mike.

Despite Mike living in LA, she says they FaceTime each other multiple times a day.

Shamari didn’t always get along with her mother in law.

Shamari is out cake shopping for the twins’ birthday with her mother in law Ma DeVoe.

They are expecting about 100 guests. The colors will be blue and gold.

Both women agree they have come a long way. Ma DeVoe didn’t know if she could trust Shamari at first. She now knows that Shamari is genuine and not a gold digger.

“I’m the type of person that I gotta feel a person out.” – Ma DeVoe

Shamari then says back then she was hurt that she didn’t have a good relationship with Ronnie’s mother.

“I feel like you never came to me as a woman to another woman and explained your situation and how you felt.” – Ma DeVoe

At this point, Shamari brings up the time Ma DeVoe left her off a Christmas card.

“The past is the past.” – Ma DeVoe

Ronnie and Shamari had an open marriage.

It is also revealed that Shamari and Ronnie almost divorced during that time. He stepped out on her even though they had an open marriage back then.

His mother never knew they had an open marriage for a year and a half. Shamari says she initiated having an open marriage because they were in a bad place and she was interested in a woman at the time.

“I was bi-curious.” – Shamari

But the open marriage didn’t work out.

Regardless of how things happen, Ronnie and Shamari are in a much better place and she doesn’t regret anything.

After some laughs, Ronnie’s mother and Shamari pick out two cakes for $900.

Eva has some explaining to do.

Cynthia is at home getting the scenery ready for her Bailey Que.

Her chef is over and so is her sister Mal.

There will be plenty of food since a lot of food came from Dennis hot dog company. Everyone is supposed to bring a plus one.

The first people to arrive are NeNe and Marlo.

They waste no time in having some girl talk.

NeNe tells them that Eva has invited her to be a part of her wedding.

Cynthia says that she has an issue with Eva because she heard Eva was telling people she paid Will to date her last season. After NeNe says that Eva isn’t the turn up queen she met prior, Marlo says that they don’t know the real her.

Not too long after, Kandi arrives with Carmon.

In a green screen interview, she says she’s not sharing the tea about Dennis with the others yet.

Shamari then comes with salad.

And after she arrives, NeNe’s friend Tanya arrives.

NeNe says that Tanya is a baller and they have a lot in common.

They have the same birthday and are both outgoing.

Marlo isn’t exactly thrilled they have the same handbag.

Shamea is informed about the latest dig from Eva.

Porsha is on the way with Shamea and Lauren.

During the car ride, she tells them that Eva took some fresh shots at Shamea. So she thinks Shamea and Eva need to talk things out.

This confuses Shamea because she thought they had decided to move on after Eva apologized last season.

Shamea is pregnant and craves pickles constantly. So she keeps some with her. Porsha makes fun of her for this.

Eva arrives with her friend Metowi.

Porsha then arrives not too long after with Shamea and Lauren.

In a green screen interview, Eva makes it clear that she’s not happy to see Shamea.

Shamari tells Kandi that Ronnie stressed placement because he’s a lot like his uncle Brooke Payne.

Marlo calls out Eva.

Later, the ladies sit down and Cynthia has them play Pass The Peach. In the game, you answer a question or pass it on to someone else.

The first question asks who in the group needs a makeover.

Eva gets the question and passes the peach. This leads to the women shading each others outfits in their green screen interviews. In particular, Porsha feels Shamari’s outfit is dated and Shamari feels Porsha’s outfit is too tight.

After this, Marlo pulls out a question.

The question asks who is the liar in the group.

Marlo says the biggest liar of the group is currently Eva although it used to be Porsha. Eva then demands to know how she’s a liar.

When Eva asks Marlo to explain why she feels that way, Marlo says that she feels no one really knows who Eva is.

Eva then says she doesn’t know Marlo either and Marlo says that at least Eva has seen her be fabulous for years.

“Yeah, but you’re definitely extra. Sometimes you’re extra when it’s not appropriate.” – Eva

“It’s always appropriate to be fabulous. It’s not appropriate to be basic.” – Marlo

“Who’s basic?!” – Eva

“You’re basic, darling.” – Marlo

In a green screen interview, Eva says that she’s convinced that Marlo is just bitter because she doesn’t have a man.

Back at the party, Eva tells Marlo that she’s been on top since she was a teenager. And she’s definitely not a liar.

Kandi then interjects and brings up Eva’s issues with Shamea. 

She wonders why Eva has been so cordial to Shamea despite shading her at Shamari’s performance.

To Kandi, it doesn’t make sense that Eva even went as far as to fix Shamea some bean dip at the Bailey Que when she has made it clear she doesn’t care for Shamea.

When Eva tries to explain her recent shading of Shamea, Porsha and Kandi remind her that she was very fired up.

“I’m sorry, what’s wrong with that?” – Eva

Eva says that after she apologized to Shamea, Shamea went on to shade her again. But Shamea says that Eva continued throw shade at her too in interviews. Then Shamea says that she was careful not to shade Eva in interviews when she was asked about her. At this point, Eva scoffs and questions what published interviews Shamea is getting.

Cynthia then brings up what she heard about Eva.

She questions if Eva has really been going around telling people that Cynthia paid Will to date her last season.

“What I told you is what I knew to be facts.” – Eva

Eva then says she doesn’t know it to be true that Cynthia paid Will to date her.

Cynthia says that she’s to beautiful to pay anyone to be with her.

“So please don’t ever confuse that because it will never happen.” – Cynthia

In a green screen interview, NeNe says she’s not sure if Eva’s a liar but she’s getting caught up.

Things get on a lighter note after Shamea pulls out a question that asks who she thinks shaded her recently. Everyone starts to laugh.

Porsha corrects Kandi.

Kandi picks up a question that asks who is the biggest freak in the group. While NeNe thinks it’s Kandi, Kandi hands Porsha a peach and says that would Porsha and she’s sneaky with it.

“So what’s my freak number?” – Porsha

“Ten.” – Kandi

“The only reason it wouldn’t be a ten is because I don’t do back door.” – Porsha

“You mean you don’t do it anymore…You told me that you’ve done it before.” – Kandi

“No, he tried and failed.” – Porsha

Shamari comes clean to the group.

They move on and Cynthia asks if anyone there has been in an open relationship.

After a bit of a pause, Shamari jumps up.

She explains that an open relationship means both people know they are dating other people and are okay with that.

“Dating other people or f*cking other people?” – NeNe

“F*cking other people.” – Shamari

Porsha throws some shade in a green screen interview.

“I think that’s really cool that Shamari is open to different things. Like an open relationship but she’s kind of close minded when it comes to like stylists, things like that.” – Porsha

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she’s not down with open relationships despite having a 3some before.

Shamari says the only thing she wasn’t allowed to do was be with other men. She could only sleep with other women.

In a green screen interview, Shamari says she was okay with not being with other men. She slept with two women during this period. Ronnie slept with about ten women.

She reveals she ended the open relationship once she realized that the grass was not greener on the other side.

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