‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Cease Goes off on Donna & Runs up on Alex + Tati Forgets Teddy

black ink crew season 7 episode 12
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The gang misses Sky.

Now that Cease has fired her, they feel like the shop just won’t be the same.

Teddy says he’s never seen Cease that mad at Sky before. Plus, he doesn’t think Sky will ever get over the fact that he fired her in the manner that he did.

While Teddy feels like it’s okay for Sky to have her own business, he doesn’t think she did it in the right way. In his opinion, she should have been honest with Cease.

Sky is heading back to Miami.

She refuses to be where she’s not wanted.

In a green screen interview, she says that she feels like she lost her best friend and brother. But after being there for Cease through so much, she doesn’t feel like he appreciated her.

For Sky, she doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t support her having her own boutique when he’s a business owner himself.

Cease holds a mandatory meeting.

When Donna asks if he’s spoken to Sky, Cease says he’s not interested in discussing her. In fact, no one is allowed to talk about her in the shop.

He then promotes Tati to the VP of the shop. She now has the power to fire anyone she wants.

Of course, some of the others question this move. Walt and Donna in particular aren’t happy. In a green screen interview, Walt says Tati has fought and been in plenty of drama. He doesn’t see how she’s even qualified for the job.

In a green screen interview, Donna says she doesn’t understand what Tati has done to go from manager in training to VP so soon. She wonders if Tati has been sleeping with Cease.

Teddy says he feels Tati deserves the promotion.

It doesn’t take long for Donna and Tati to start arguing.

After Tati gets in Donna’s face, a scuffle ensues.

Donna gets some licks in on Tati’s head before security intervenes.

Cease goes off on Donna and Alex.

In a green screen interview, Donna says that she’s over Cease promoting new people over the people who have been there longer.

On the way out, Donna tells Cease it’s all his fault.

He then goes off on her.

“What the f*ck you say, b*tch?” – Cease

Donna gets angry and gets in his face telling him not to call her the b word.

They start arguing and security intervenes. Cease then tries to fight Alex for not getting Donna in check.

Not too long after, Cease tells Alex and Donna they are fired.

Kitty then tries to calm Cease down and tell him he can’t go off like this in front of his employees.

Rob gets some bad news.

Back at home, Bae is happy to have some alone time with Rob and her son.

But Rob gets a phone call from his mom and she tells him that his father died.

His father was battling lung cancer. Bae is thankful his father got to meet their son before he passed.

Bae breaks down in tears.

“My father was a good man.” – Rob

It hurts that Rob’s father won’t get to see his grandson grow up. The couple cries together and consoles one another.

Sky FaceTimes Donna from Miami.

Of course it doesn’t take long for Donna to give Sky an update on her latest blowup with Cease.

“It was just a clusterf*ck.” – Donna

Even though Donna has clashed with Cease before, this time feels different to her.

Sky also feels the same way. She’s convinced he’s taking his stress out on everyone else.

But Donna just thinks Cease really just needs Sky to return. Sky is hurt by everything and starts crying.

Neither knows if they can come back from this.

Cease welcomes new hires.

After firing Donna and Alex, Cease has decided to hire several new artists.

He tells the gang that if anyone else cuts up, he will replace them.

Tati approves this move.

To make sure it’s clear that things are changing, Cease wants to throw a party for the new hires. He leaves Tati behind to get the new hires set up in the shop.

In fact, Cam, one of the new hires, has a new client come in for an appointment.

Rob and Bae are ready to make it official.

Bae tries to cheer Rob up by taking Rob and their son to Times Square.

It’s a sentimental place for them since it’s where Rob proposed.

They decide to get a family portrait painted by an artist. Rob really appreciates that Bae cares about him so much.

At this point, Bae realizes life is too short and she wants to go ahead and get married.

The artist then flips the picture over in which it reads, “Let’s Get Married!”

Rob is elated and says, “Hell yeah.”

Tati and the gang are getting ready for the “Under New Management Party.”

As they work on the sign, Bae walks in the shop.

She tells them that she and Rob are getting married.

Apparently they are tying the knot this weekend and she’s inviting the whole gang.

Rob and Bae are going to rent a house in Westchester and have the wedding there.

Sky has decided to move up the opening day for her boutique.

As she is planning the big day, she tells her staff that she doesn’t want to invite Cease.

She also plans on getting even with Cease at the “Under New Management Party.”

Tati forgets about Teddy.

It’s the night of the party.

Bae pulls Cease to the side and tells him she’s getting married. She wants him to walk her down the aisle.

“I will be honored to be your father…I’m happy you’re getting married.” – Cease

They hug.

Not too long after, two women walk in the shop holding signs to promote the grand opening to Sky’s boutique.

This angers Cease and he rips up one of the signs before having the women escorted out.

Tati is drunk and gets too freaky while dancing with a man who is not Teddy.

They end up leaving together as Teddy is in shock.

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