‘Married To Medicine’ Recap: Aydin Gets Better + Cecil & Simone Move on from Tammy

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The ladies arrive to the hospital.

After Mariah walks off the bus to enter the hospital, Quad says she would hate for anything to happen to Aydin.

The next day, everyone sends messages to get an update on Aydin.

Mariah tells Toya that Aydin is still in the hospital sick. She plans to reach out to everyone when she gets an update.

Contessa’s father is in town.

He’s so great with the kids and Contessa feels like she finally has the dad she always wanted.

Simone and Cecil have another therapy session with Dr. Ken.

They know they need to discuss the blowup they had during their recent date.

In a green screen interview, Cecil realizes they have more work to do to save their marriage.

When Dr. Ken FaceTimes, Cecil explains what happened on that day.

Cecil knows that Simone doesn’t feel he’s taken ownership of going out to dinner with his friend Tammy while Simone’s uncle was sick in the hospital.

Simone tried to talk him out of going, but Cecil left anyway due to anger.

So Simone filed for divorce two days later.

In order for Simone to finally let it go, she wants Cecil to acknowledge that she’s never done anything that awful to him.

After this is said, Cecil apologizes for what he did and he says he understands he was wrong. And Simone says that she won’t bring it back up again or she will have to give Cecil $500 on the spot.

The couple shares a kiss and end the session as Cecil suggests they have a passionate moment in the bedroom.

Back at the hospital, Aydin is still sick from Viral Meningitis.

Mariah says this reminds her of all the scary things doctors have to deal with on a daily basis.

Toya, Eugene and the kids revisit their future home.

The family decides to write some scriptures in chosen places on the house’s foundation.

They are excited to create new memories after they move in.

Eugene, of course, gets delight in reading out the scripture that says wives should submit to their husbands. Toya says he can leave that one by the toilet.

She gets emotional after she realizes that everything has really gotten back good for them financially.

Aydin is back home.

Mariah says he’s about 90% back to being himself.

The kids leave them alone to talk.

Before Aydin got sick, the couple was planning a Doctors on the Dock Party.

They haven’t had the party in five years.

While they plan to still have it, Aydin needs to get some more rest before they can start back planning.

Jackie shows Curtis a plot of land she really likes.

Since they haven’t found a house they both love. She thinks they should find a home they can build together.

“It can be anything we want it to be.” – Jackie

She also wants to pull a Toya and get a two-story closet.

Curtis agrees that it’s appealing to have a custom-built house. So he agrees to the idea.

Contessa and Heavenly stop by to see Quad film Sister Circle.

In a green screen interview, Quad says that although it’s been a tough year for her, she’s not going to let anything break her down.

She knows that her future is very bright.

It’s the day of Mariah and Aydin’s party.

Mariah meets with the planner to make some last-minute decisions.

Toya and Eugene happen to be the first couple to arrive. When they see Aydin, they greet him warmly.

Simone and Cecil then arrive.

Mariah’s mother is attracted to the singer who was hired.

When Quad arrives, she says that five years ago when she attended this party she was a newlywed. So this is bittersweet for her.

Contessa tells Quad and Toya they look beautiful. Toya says nothing but smiles.

In a green screen interview, Quad says Toya and Contessa are putting on their best fake faces.

Aydin thanks everyone for the support.

Heavenly and Damon arrive. She’s relieved that she and Mariah are in a much better place.

Not too long after, Jackie and Curtis show up.

Mariah and Aydin then come out and thank everyone for coming out.

Aydin also thinks people for the well wishes while he was sick.

When Mariah hugs Heavenly, the others are shocked. But Mariah says they had a real breakthrough. However, in a green screen interview, Quad says that if she knows Mariah, the truce won’t last.

Meanwhile, Miss Lucy and Damon appear to have a friendly conversation. Heavenly says she and Mariah may be good, but she’s not ready to interact with Miss Lucy just yet.

Toya tells Eugene to be nice to Contessa. Eugene says he doesn’t have a problem with Contessa. Toya says he should because Contessa called Eugene fat. But he says he knows what he looks like and he has tough skin.

Plus, he knows it’s possible Toya can be friends with Contessa again. She’s already done that with Mariah and Simone.

The women feel the group as a whole has made progress.

All the husbands get together and catch up.

They tell Aydin they love the party and joke he should get sick more often it leads to parties like this.

Quad pulls Heavenly and Contessa to the side. She thanks them for always supporting her. She doesn’t always feel like she gets support from the group.

After they question how Quad has time for “her man,” Quad says she doesn’t have one. Contessa then jokingly says that Quad could date a woman if she wanted to.

They all share a laugh.

Heavenly, Jackie and Simone discuss Heavenly’s spiritual journey.

Simone says the trip to Miami taught her a lot about why Heavenly is the way she is.

“She’s getting better…at a turtle’s pace.” – Simone

Quad joins the conversation. Jackie tells Quad that they want to be there for her. And Simone tells her that she knows she’s loud and harsh at times, but she cares about Quad.

As for the husbands, all of them are in a good place. Damon says he wishes the women could get along like they all do.

Mariah tells the women that she’s thankful that they were there for her when she was so concerned about Aydin.

She then jokingly reveals that Heavenly cursed in church. They all laugh as Mariah hugs on Heavenly

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