Business Owner Spills Tea on Offset And Cardi B

offset and cardi
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Nile

Most fans of Cardi B are very opinionated about her marriage to Offset.

And it’s been nothing short of controversial.

Offset himself has been accused of cheating multiple times. Many tend to think the latest rumor was Cardi’s breaking point.

Weeks ago, she announced that she and Offset had broken up.

But Offset has been diligently trying to win her back. He even interrupted her performance to beg for her to take him back.

This led to a lot of backlash, with many suggesting it was a manipulative move by Offset.

Regardless, Cardi appears to be softening up. They even went on a vacation together.

Now someone who has aided Offset in his pursuits to win back Cardi is speaking out.

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