‘Married To Medicine’ Recap: Aydin Goes off + Jackie Defends Quad

married to medicine season 6 episode 17
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Mariah and Quad are still arguing over the home wrecker accusations.

While Quad is convinced Mariah is lying to destroy her, she then accuses Mariah of doing coke.

As both shout at each other, Andy realizes the conversation isn’t going anywhere. He says they should just take a break.

Meanwhile, Aydin comes and stands near the stage. Heavenly questions why he’s there and feels like it’s intimidating.

While going backstage, Aydin is visibly angry. Mariah and Miss Lucy try to calm him down to no avail.

He screams about how it’s wrong for Quad to defame his family after he’s done so much for her. Including, helping her get a job when she was homeless, living in her car.

Quad has had enough.

“The gloves are off.” – Quad

Of course, the rest of the cast reacts to the drama that just took place backstage.

Toya and Simone feel like Heavenly and Quad are tag teaming Mariah.

Scott and Contessa say the receipts never existed and Mariah is lying.

The women get back on the stage to continue filming.

Andy once again brings up the receipts Mariah said she has on Damon.

Mariah says she only did to Heavenly what Heavenly has been doing to her all the time.

Heavenly says the “yo momma’ stuff was never serious to her but she has no respect for Mariah. So she will keep saying it.

The glass breaking incident is discussed. Simone says she doesn’t think Mariah was going to actually hurt Heavenly.

But Mariah apologizes and says she was wrong to break the glass.

Both Heavenly and Mariah agree that they are done feuding because things have gone way too far.

Backstage, the husbands sit in a room and talk.

Dr. G walks in and they greet him.

He tells them that he’s there to defend himself because he knows Quad is going to play victim. Greg says being in a hotel room with another woman was “a grudge.” Apparently he was upset Quad never gave him the family she said she would.

Quad’s friction with the women over not telling them about her split is discussed.

She says that she left last season’s reunion thinking she and Greg could not work things out.

Simone says her friendship with Quad has been distant for the last two years.

But Quad says she’s actually shared the most about her marriage to Simone.

Andy points out that the group didn’t show the same amount of support they showed Simone and Cecil last year.

Jackie says she didn’t support Greg and Quad staying together because she didn’t feel like Greg showed any remorse.

Toya says that she loves how the other women aren’t afraid to tell her about herself. However, she feels Quad won’t allow any of the women to have that with her. Any kind of criticism, and Quad shuts down.

Then Andy questions why Simone said Quad thinks she’s better than everyone else. Simone says Quad has been saying she’s the star of the show. Quad says she was told that but she realizes that everyone brings something to the show.

Jackie defends Quad.

When Andy asks Toya if she thinks Greg cheated because he didn’t get to have kids, she says yes.

This doesn’t sit well with Quad, Heavenly and Jackie.

Toya then stresses that she is not giving men a pass to be unfaithful.

They then discuss the fact that Toya said that Quad should not continue to come on couples trips. She’s not sure what Quad can learn from other couples as a single woman and Jackie feels this is ridiculous.

Jackie points out that she attended Simone’s couples trip without Curtis while they were close to splitting.

As far as the future is concerned, Quad plans on marrying again.

The husbands come out on the stage to talk to Andy without the wives.

Greg admits he’s somewhat surprised things turned out the way they did.

Cecil is grateful that he and Simone were able to save their marriage.

Curtis feels like Jackie is starting to open up more.

Damon says he was hurt that Mariah accused him of cheating.

Aydin says that Mariah is being pushed into that direction by Heavenly.

Eugene says he just thinks that Damon would never be unfaithful. As Heavenly is watching backstage, she thanks Eugene and says that Damon would be the last one to cheat in the group.

Contessa quietly tells Mariah not to argue with Heavenly about it, and Mariah says she wasn’t going to say anything.

When Andy asks Greg if he thought he would be able to fix things with Quad after leaving last year’s reunion, he says yes.

But he hopes that some peace and truth comes from his upcoming sit down with Quad.

As the rest of the husbands leave the stage, Greg remains as Quad comes out.

This is the first time they have spoken in months.

The episode ends before the conversation begins.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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