Watch: Eva Marcille & Marlo Hampton Clash During Girls Trip to Tokyo

marlo and eva
Photo Credit: Bravo

The Atlanta housewives weren’t able to remain drama free during their time in Tokyo.

Not only did NeNe Leakes and Tanya Sam clash, but Marlo Hampton and Eva Marcille end up having a moment as well.

After Eva tells the ladies they won’t be able to wear “sneaker wedges” when they head to the red district, Marlo decides to pounce.

Here’s how the exchange began:

Eva: Don’t put no sneaker wedges on.

Marlo: I know you ain’t talking Eva. Your Birkenstock wearing a*s.

Eva: Don’t come for my flats. My flats are still Chloe and Fendi and all them type things.

Marlo: Well you can get cute ones at Zara.

Eva: Girl, you got me all the way twisted. I’m in mothef*cking runway right now…These are every minute of a $1200 flip flop.

After Marlo tells Eva she just got her “plug” for high fashion and to remain humble, Eva claps back.

Push your wig down and leave me alone.

As we saw from last week’s preview, Marlo ends up hitting below the belt later on in the conversation.

You have two kids by two different men.

Check out the videos below.

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