‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Iyanla Determines If Mom Lied About Daughters Being Molested By Father

Fix My Life Season 6 Episode 2
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The Lie Detector Test determined Evonne lied.

Part 2 begins with the girls with their mom awaiting to hear the lie detector results from Iyanla.

The test determined that Evonne lied about creating the molestation story to get back at Monzell. Evonne immediately denies the results.

“The questions that I answered were answered truthfully.” – Evonne

Iyanla then shows the answers to everyone from Monzell. His answers were truthful.

“He never touched the children. He never touched them s*xually.” – Iyanla.

Whitney begins crying as Evonne says she’s glad Monzell didn’t molest them. She then confronts her mom, telling her, “own it.”

Surprisingly, Whitney reveals that Evonne was raped at 12. Iyanla suggests this trauma is “stuck” as a hurt 12 year-old girl.

Next, Nichole confronts Evonne asking why she didn’t protect her like her siblings.

“All I’m saying is you skipped me completely.” – Nichole

Suddenly, Nichole breaks down crying as she tells Evonne she tried to “hide” Whitney in the crib to get Evonne’s attention again. Iyanla notes that this feeling of want by Nichole has affected many aspects of her life negatively.

Nichole asks Evonne next if she would love her better “if she was Clyde’s daughter?”

“Tell her the truth Evonne.” – Iyanla

Evonne says she can’t answer that question but says she didn’t want any children. She apologizes to her daughter as they hug.

Nichole lashes out at Brittney.

Iyanla focuses the conversation to how Evonne affected Nichole’s relationship with her sisters. She explains that it wasn’t personal between them but Nichole owed Whitney an apology. The two had a moment expressed how they felt about their father. This included Whitney saying she felt her father violated her.

Whitney felt outcast from her father and her father’s family. Iyanla asks Nichole and her sisters if they are willing to go to therapy. Things get tense when Britney speaks up noting how Nichole got violent towards her and Whitney in front of their children.

This immediately brings Nichole’s defense up as Britney tells a story of how Nichole put her in a headlock in front of the kids. Iyanla says Nichole is not aware and tells her she needs to watch how she is around her kids. This led Nichole getting into Britney’s face.

To calm down the scene, Nichole gets a one on one with Iyanla. Apparently, Nichole is angry over the fact Britney questioned her parenting as she went on a vacation with her husband. She also claims the headlock kept her from hurting her sister even more.

However, Iyanla gets completely blunt with Nichole.

“If you’re not willing to change, I can’t help you. I can’t keep engaging in this.” – Iyanla

She then tells Nichole that she can’t be a good mom with the “level of violence” within her. Nichole reluctantly agrees and begins to cry.

Later on, Nichole family returns with Nichole sitting far away from the rest of them. Britney apologizes for talking about her parenting. Iyanla points out that Nichole is a bad mother. Iyanla’s words causes Nichole to walk out of the room.

Iyanla cuts it straight with Nichole.

In a bedroom, Iyanla confronts Nichole as she demands to see her father. Iyanla stands her ground and says not yet. When Nichole said her father is a voice of reason, Iyanla cuts deeply into her.

“Because you don’t understand how you suck the life out of him. You don’t understand how your father wept today.” – Iyanla

At the end, Iyanla tells Nichole that she won’t see her father until the end of their process.

Monkel confronts Evonne.

It’s day three and Iyanla brings Monzell with Iyanla to share his results from the lie detector test. When he learns he pass the test, he says his daughter always knew. Their mom just influenced them to think otherwise.

“They didn’t know any better.” – Monzell

Evonne also lied about telling Monzell that she would make sure he would never be happy again.

When asked if Evonne wanted to say anything, she goes off asking him why he didn’t fight harder for his kids. Evonne shuts that down.

Monzell than says he cannot accept her apology. He says she knew he didn’t have any s*xual desires for his kids and it broke him.

“It affect me in ways you can’t even comprehend.” – Monzell

This angers Evonne as she claims she was dragged by him. Monzell admits that it was lying and says he hit and knocked her out once. When Iyanla asked if she said Monzell is the father of Nichole’s child. Evonne says she wondered it and said it publicly.

After her daughters speak up, Evonne apologizes for saying that. Monzell then gives Evonne a piece of advice.

“Ask God to forgive you.” – Monzell

Evonne apologizes to Nichole next for saying she liked being assaulted by her father and saying she didn’t want Nichole. Iyanla makes Nichole and Evonne hug and console one another.

Afterwards, Whitney speaks up to Nichole and apologizes for how she reacted towards her their first day with Iyanla. As the sisters hug, Iyanla tells Evonne her lie caused all of this infectious negativity.

However, Britney and Nichole still need work so Iyanla takes them back into the truth room. Iyanla gets Nichole to ask out loud her wonder if she thinks her siblings believe she was a bad sister.

Britney says no.

Iyanla reminds them that they both “shared a womb.”

Finally, Iyanla leaves them all with parting words. Iyanla tells them the infections are cleaned up but they need antibiotics. The therapy is photos saved of their childhood. She also gives them shirts that say Team Truth, which they all write on.

Iyanla will also get them into with a family counselor to continue to work with them.

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