GUHH Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: The Battle of The Lil's


GUHH Recap: Bow Wow & Romeo Squash Beef + Pepa Pays Aundre’s Wife’s Rent

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GUHH Season 4 Episode 16

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Romeo invites Angela to his celeb basketball game.

Romeo is face timing Angela. He’s telling her about his latest projects he’s juggling and laying it on thick after seeing photos of her on Instagram.

He also invites her to New Orleans for their celebrity basketball tournament held during Essence Festival week.

She accepts.

Vanessa vents to JoJo about Angela

Meanwhile, JoJo takes Tee Te and Vanessa to a breakfast bar. JoJo wants to know why Tee Tee skipped out on Romeo’s photo shoot and schooled them on Lil Twist liking Egypt.

“This has trouble all over it.” – Tee Tee

The next day, as Tee Tee brings Pepa a drink, Aundre texts her telling Pepa that they need to talk. Meanwhile, Pepa is invited to Essence with Pepa.

Pepa tells Tee Tee about her manager revealing one of the Salt-N-Pepa deals going away because of Aundre’s estranged wife. As a result of this, Aundre was kept away from a recent event.

Despite this, Pepa is adamant Aundre and his wife are separated and she’s even paying for his wife’s apartment.

During the conversation, Papa begins to cry over it all.

Master-P invites Romeo’s “enemy” Bow Wow to the celebrity basketball game.

As Master-P is laying a track for the I “Got the Hook-Up 2” soundtrack, Romeo is nowhere to be found. However, P knows Romeo will be at their celebrity basketball game. The proceeds from the game are going towards scholarships for students in the community.

P reveals to his team that Bow Wow called asking to play in the celebrity game. He notes Bow Wow and Romeo have beef over Angela.

“Whoever wins gets the girl!” – Master-P

Before he heads to New Orleans, Romeo friend takes him to a special spa that specializes in IV drips of vitamins. The IV will help energize him with high doses of vitamins. But Romeo is hesitant because of the needles.

Despite the needle, the drip is helping him instantly. He also focuses his mind on the event and helping the city.

JoJo visits Vanessa before he heads out to New Orleans. He’s tired of Angela and Vanessa’s awkward beef.

“You have a rocky relationship as sisters and that’s why y’all are low-key disrespectful.” – JoJo

Angela and Bow Wow run into each other.

Angela heads to New Orleans to support Romeo and Bow Wow shows up. Bow Wow notes his rivalry with Romeo and how Romeo is more clean-cut than him.

“He doesn’t smoke or drink…” – Bow Wow

When Bow Wow runs into Angela, they make small talk. In her interview, Angela notes how he changed and wants to be in a relationship.

“I have not seen you in a long time. You changed.” – Angela

JoJo came over and cracked jokes. He calls their rivalry the equivalent to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. JoJo mentioned the beef started over a line from a Bow Wow rap:

“18, making more than your dad.”

When Romeo arrives and sees Bow Wow, Romeo knows Master-p is sending a message. Pepa and Tee Tee point out the obvious tension between the two. Tee Tee hopes this helps Romeo forget her skipping out the photo shoot. However, he notices.

When the game starts, both are going hard and Angela’s cheering for both. At the game, Pepa’s ignoring Aundre’s text messages.

The game ends with Romeo making a game winning shot.

Bow Wow and Romeo take a photo with Angela.

Afterwards, Bow Wow and Romeo showed respect to one another and Angela takes a photo with both.

Back in LA, Vanessa sees the photo of all of them after the game and calls JoJo immediately. JoJo tells Vanessa Romeo and Bow Wow are cool. He’s going to try to talk to Angela about her strife with Vanessa. Vanessa feels he can talk to Angela and squash it all.

Meanwhile, Briana, Egypt and Sam are hanging out in the studio and Briana is getting on Sam’s nerves.

While still in New Orleans, P and Romeo are hosting a community event helping an elderly center. They are having a good time giving back to their community and what it means to them. The women are really enjoying Romeo helping without his shirt on.

JoJo shows up and things get tense when he brings up the song Romeo is doing for the movie soundtrack. Romeo reveals he’s struggling handing all of his projects and hasn’t been getting sleep.

Pepa isn’t ready to give up on Aundre.

Meanwhile, Pepa is with her manager Jimmy. Jimmy still wants Pepa to break things off with Aundre. However, Pepa isn’t willing to give up her boo.

“You gotta give up your boo.” – Jimmy

He knows it’s hard for her but the messiness is costing them money and projects.

“Without Salt-N-Pepa, you won’t be happy.” – Jimmy

Everybody is making their rounds at the Essence festival and Tee Tee stops by Master-P and Romeo’s panel discussion. Romeo notices Tee Tee at the event and she tries to talk to them. However, he brushes her off.

JoJo takes his chance to talk to Angela while they’re still in New Orleans. Angela says she’s cool with both Bow Wow and Romeo and JoJo is surprised how calm she is. Of course, Angela hears from JoJo how she’s been mean to Angela. He brings up how Vanessa felt left out at her event at the racetrack.

Angela thinks she should throw her a surprise birthday party and JoJo agrees.

Angela and Romeo plan a double date.

Afterwards, Romeo takes Angela to hang out along the river. While they’re hanging out, Romeo brings up the feedback they received on social media over their photo at the basketball game. Angela plays coy about Romeo and Bow Wow’s “beef.”

“I don’t know what he’s talking about… I didn’t do anything.” – Angela

The episode ends with Angela suggesting to pick a “beaux” for Romeo.

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  1. Hater

    January 25, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Pepa makes the dumbest decisions.

  2. Jordan's Memory

    January 27, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Exactly she looking real crazy out here. If YOUR so called man don’t care that his wife and child is out on the streets where u gotta foot the bill, that shows what kind of man you dealing with. Both of them is clearing playing her and she can’t even see it. Smdh

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