Romeo Miller Responds to Criticism of His Return to ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

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Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller’s fallout was very controversial.

Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons have both taken credit for creating “Growing Up Hip Hop.” So fans were a bit surprised when they clashed a couple of seasons ago. Angela felt like the animosity just came from out of nowhere. However, Romeo felt differently. He said that he didn’t like it when Angela didn’t respond to his text messages about his Bible study notes. He wanted to encourage conversations. But it just seemed as if Angela didn’t want to make an effort to be a part of the dialogue. As for Angela, she was surprised this bothered Romeo so much.

Romeo also told Vanessa Simmons that he didn’t like some of Angela’s Instagram posts. In fact, Romeo felt like these posts were inappropriate for the daughter of Rev. Run. This, of course, didn’t sit well with Angela or Jojo Simmons. They were outraged by Romeo’s comments. So the friendship between the Simmons and Miller families became strained.

Angela tried to contact Romeo so they could hash things out. However, she felt like he ignored her. So she and her siblings skipped out on the sitdown Romeo and Master P called before they seemingly left the show.

Romeo Miller addressed the backlash.

Interestingly enough, Romeo is back for the current season. He made it clear that he wanted to make things right with Angela and Jojo. And it’s all about moving forward for him now that he’s a father.

While some GUHH fans are happy to see Romeo back, others have been critical.

Romeo addressed the criticism on Instagram Live. He said, “I’m back on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’ Some people are shocked, some people are excited, some people are ****** off. And that’s the beauty of life because you can’t please em all, okay? You can’t please everybody. But I’ll give y’all a little insight. I never left ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’ If you pay close attention, I never unfollowed them from social. I never went on there bad talking about the show.”

He continued, “We’ve had our disagreements and our moments. And we have those and heated moments but ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ was something that I was a part of creating it. And I decided even though I felt like creatively I was going in a different direction, behind the scenes, I was still a part of the show.”

Romeo also said it’s always going to be love, “It’s just like a sibling. You can bump heads, you gon disagree. But it’s always gon be love so shout out to everybody on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ for creating a show that lasted over 7 seasons.”


  1. I don’t know if I believe the ‘behind the scene’ story because last I read somewhere Romeo found out he had not been paid as a child rapper. So yet again he’s on the outs with his Father, Master P.
    There’s a line of folks asking for payments.

  2. Romeo and P brought NOTHING to the show anyway…he’ll I didn’t notice he was gone 🤣🤣🤣

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