RHOA Recap: Kandi Apologizes to Porsha + NeNe Fears for Her Marriage

rhoa season 11 episode 14
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Porsha thinks she and Dennis are inching closer to marriage.

Dennis sends some flowers to Porsha’s hotel while she’s in Tokyo.

She’s touched by the romantic gesture, so she calls him to thank him.

Tanya is getting things ready for Eva’s bachelorette party. Shamari helps her set things up. After Porsha arrives, she opens up to Shamari, Cynthia, Kandi and Tanya about wanting to marry Dennis.

Apparently Dennis wants to take the next big step.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says talk of tying the knot means she needs to no longer speak on their relationship.

Tanya and NeNe still have tension.

When NeNe gets there, she tells the others that she doesn’t think Tanya “gets it.”

Although Tanya is on the opposite side of the room while this is said, she can sense the tension.

Things get awkward when NeNe refuses to speak to Tanya.

A male dancer arrives and the women get giggly.

After the dancer leaves, Tanya tells the women it’s time to play some games.

They start off with a pickle p*nis game.

During the game, the women take pickles and simulate their favorite s*x positions.

NeNe fears for her marriage.

The next day NeNe checks in with Gregg.

He tells her that his surgery has now been moved to a morning time slot.

In a green screen interview, NeNe says that cancer has changed Gregg and he’s not nurturing anymore. She decides to call him back when Cynthia knocks on the door.

NeNe tells Cynthia that she’s really stressed out about Gregg. Then she breaks down crying.

She’s fearful she and Gregg may break up. But Cynthia consoles her and assures her everything will be okay.

At this point, NeNe is tired of being strong. She needs support too.

“I’m tired of trying to put on a face for everybody and nobody is trying to take care of me.” – NeNe

Gregg surprises NeNe.

The women head to a samurai lesson.

They appear to be enjoying their time with the wooden swords.

Afterwards, Eva comes by NeNe’s room.

A few minutes later the hotel staff comes by to deliver some flowers to NeNe.

NeNe reads the letter that came with the flowers and begins to cry.

Eva consoles her.

“It’s okay.” – Eva

As NeNe dries her tears with tissues, Eva reads the letter that came with the flowers.

Turns out it’s a really touching letter from Gregg.

She asks Eva for a little time alone and Eva politely gives her just that.

Kandi apologizes to Porsha.

Later that night, the women go out again.

They go to a nice restaurant.

Eva suggests all the women open up about their highs and lows of the year.

Cynthia says her low was Noelle going away to college. Her high is meeting Mike.

Kandi says her low is not knowing her to balance her career and personal life. Plus, Riley not being open to having another sibling. Her high is her successful businesses.

Porsha says she’s not feeding into any lows and her high is being pregnant and her relationship with Dennis. She says he’s brought hope back into her life.

She feels like she has a purpose in her life now.

Kandi then says she has something she’d like to say in response to Porsha.

She says she feels really bad about the things that she said about Dennis. She realizes the criticism she said about Dennis is comparable to what was said about Todd. But they grew.

Porsha agrees with this and feels her relationship with Dennis will grow as well.

“So with that I apologize.” – Kandi

Kandi and Porsha may be able to move forward.

Porsha is touched and she says she hopes they can move forward. They share a hug and agree to talk to each other first when there’s an issue.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says she’s misses the friendship she and Kandi used to have.

Kandi breaks down in tears and says she feels awful because Dennis was so nice to her.

Shamari says her high was being blessed with twins.

NeNe says her low has been Gregg’s battle with cancer.

All the women are ready to end the night so they can pack to return to Atlanta.

Overall, the trip ends on a positive note.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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