Watch: Yandy Goes off on Kimbella at LHHNY Season 9 Reunion

yandy and kimbella friendship
Photo Credit: VH1

When it comes to Yandy and Kimbella’s friendship, both women appeared to be on better terms on the season 9 finale.

In fact, Yandy was even one of Kimbella’s bridesmaids in her wedding to Juelz Santana.

However, Yandy was not happy after she watched scenes of Kimbella discussing Yandy adopting Infinity.

Kimbella and Mariahlynn both claimed that Yandy isn’t above adopting Infinity for image reasons.

Although Yandy confronted Kimbella about this during the Costa Rica trip, apparently seeing everything unfold on the show just made things worse.

So it’s no surprise that the women had some tension at the reunion.

While discussing the situation, Yandy went all the way off and Juelz had to try to diffuse the blowup.

Check out the clip below.

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