‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Sky Clashes with Des’ Father + Alex Goes to the Hospital

Black Ink Cew Season 7 Episode 15
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Bae is now a married woman.

She and Rob got married in the courthouse.

They are happy they decided to keep things simple. Plus, her mom is staying for another month instead of returning to Korea.

So the gang is at the shop celebrating Bae’s nuptials.

Ted and Tati are still on fire.

They make out quite a bit at the shop since their fake wedding.

Minutes later, Sky shows up to the celebration.

Cease announces that he has promoted Sky to the head of Human Resources.

The news startles everyone.

Sky tells everyone that she plans to enforce some more “sturdier” rules. It’s a part-time position so she can still run her shop in Miami. Business has been great.

She passes out documents that state the new shop polices and procedures.

Everyone must be on time and bring doctors notes when they are out sick.

The most outrageous rule is Sky wants the staff to sleep with each other.

Alex is still upset about Teddy and Cease jumping him.

He’s decided to take some time to just reflect on everything that happened.

So he heads back to his neck of the woods to the barber shop.

Alex then informs his boys about what happened.

“The sh*t was so wack.” – Alex

Apparently Alex’s back was injured in the altercation. He explains that Cease got mad because Alex wouldn’t “check” Donna, which he thinks is ridiculous.

His boys tell him they have his back. He just has to let them know what he wants them to do.

Things have been great at the shop.

Cease feels like the vibe in the shop has been positive since he fired Donna and Alex.

In his mind, they were the problem.

With them gone, he feels like everyone has been getting along much better.

Everyone teases Tati and Teddy about their lovey dovey relationship. They don’t mind the jokes.

It’s all laughs until Sky’s baby daddy Red walks in.

Apparently this man is Des’ father.

He tried to confront Sky at the shop two years ago.

“You told me I could see my son when he turned 18. Where the f*ck is he?” – Red

After he demands Sky gives him Des’ number, Tati tries to step in for Sky.

She tells him that he and Sky don’t need to have this conversation in the shop.

Sky gets frustrated and tries to walk away. Red then says she always runs away. This makes Sky get up in his face.

“Get the f*ck out of here because you get jumped in this b*tch.” – Sky

Red is then escorted out the shop.

Cease catches up with his daughter Cheyenne and her mother Crystal.

They grab a bite to eat.

After Cheyenne goes to the bathroom, Crystal tells Cease that Cheyenne has her first crush. She wants to go out on a little bowling date with him.

This news disturbs Cease and he doesn’t want Cheyenne having a boyfriend.

When Cheyenne comes back, Cease questions her about the bowling date.

Cheyenne isn’t happy that Crystal told him about it. Regardless, Cease plans on showing up to the date.

Alex has to go to the hospital.

Donna is with him and he’s in pain from back spasms.

“This sh*t hurts so bad son.” – Alex

As he starts shaking, the hospital staff tells him they need to get a CAT scan.

Donna is seriously concerned.

An hour later, it’s confirmed that nothing is broken but he does have tissue damage. And the damage may be permanent. Pills won’t help and he will need weeks of therapy to feel normal again.

In a green screen interview, Donna says this is all Cease’s fault.

Tati hires a replacement for Donna and Alex.

Sky returns to the shop.

The gang says they were worried about her.

But she says she’s fine and she doesn’t want to talk about Red.

A women walks in. Cease finds her attractive and she immediately speaks to Tati.

Her name is Krystal and Tati hired her to replace to Alex and Donna.

In a green screen interview, Tati says that she knows Krystal won’t cause any drama like Donna.

Krystal is ready to make a name for herself.

Sky asks some of her outrageous HR questions and Krystal confirms she has slept with a coworker.

Krystal’s first client at the shop arrives. His name is Jordan and he wants the eye of the tiger tattooed on him.

In a green screen interview, Krystal says she is from Puerto Rico. They moved to America when she was two. Her dad was arrested for drugs when she was young, and she acted out as a result.

When she turned 19, she bought a tattoo machine and she’s been hustling since to make a name for herself.

After the tattoo is done, everyone is blown away by her work.

“Do I got the job?” – Krystal

Cease hires her on the spot.

Alex is back home from the hospital.

He’s laying down in the bed as Donna waits on him.

If Alex isn’t able to tattoo again, he won’t be able to pay his bills. Plus, he has a son to look after.

“What if my back is damaged for the rest of my life, babe? I’m seriously so scared.” – Alex

In a green screen interview, Donna says it’s messed up that no one from Black Ink has reached out to check on Alex after everything that went down.

She vows to get even with Cease and Teddy.

“They clearly don’t know who the f*ck they dealing with.” – Donna

Teddy makes room for Tati.

Tati and Teddy are bonding over food.

Teddy is cooking and likes the fact that the relationship is keeping him out the streets.

But he gets irritated when Tati tells him that she wants to put her sneakers in his sneaker collection.

It’s been hard for her to keep going back and forth to his place.

She wants to know when he will make space for her since she is always there.

Teddy hears her out, and makes room for her sneakers.

This makes Tati happy and she gives him a big hug.

Sky agrees to meet Red.

She says that her bestie Alison convinced her to see Red again. Allison feels like Des needs to be the one to make a decision about if he wants to meet Red or not.

And Des told Sky to give Red his info. So she wants to respect Des’ wishes.

When Red walks into the restaurant, they immediately start arguing after Red keeps demanding to be given the number.

Sky accuses Red of being abusive and he calls her a liar.

He then tells Sky she can’t be that great of a mother because she left her son.

This angers Sky and she has to be restrained by security.

After Red is escorted away, Sky runs outside and both exchange more insults.

Sky now decides she will never give him Des’ number.

Cease monitors Cheyenne’s bowling date.

When her date Jonathan shows up, he seems nervous.

In a green screen interview, Cease says that he’s not buying Jonathan’s act.

Cease invites Jonathan to have a chat.

Jonathan says that Cheyenne is his best friend. Cease tells them to stay friends and for Jonathan not to touch his daughter.

Although Jonathan agrees to this, Cheyenne pulls Cease to the side to tell him to stop it.

“I’m not a baby no more.” – Cheyenne

Cease understands Cheyenne is growing up but he’s afraid. He just wants to protect her.

So they make a deal that Cheyenne remains open with him and he won’t embarrass her. She agrees to this.

The gang has a scary moment.

After the date, Cease returns to the shop.

Everyone is laughing and telling jokes, until they hear what they believe may be gunshots.

They panic and try to hit the floor.

The glass from the window shatters as everyone screams and production panics.

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