M2MLA Recap: Jazmin Learns About Imani’s Comments + Shanique & Asha Clash, Again

Married To Medicine LA Season 1 Episode 4
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Imani elaborates.

She tells Shanique and Britten that Jazmin’s house looks like a drug dealer’s house because there’s not much furniture and Jazmin and her husband have a lot of expensive cars.

In a green screen interview, Imani says she hopes Jazmin has her own lawyer when the feds come through.

After Shanique says Jazmiin’s husband has his own medical group so he can afford these things, Imani says she does as well and she’s not living like that.

Britten agrees.

Noelle stops by Asha’s place.

They discuss Shanique.

Asha plans on going to Imani’s event but she’s not looking forward to seeing Shanique. She wants an apology.

Noelle feels like Shanique is just jealous and that’s why she’s behaving the way she is towards Asha.

Robert and Shanique talk to their kids about bullying.

Shanique makes Jamaican dumplings with her children.

Her daughter started a new school and had to deal with some mean girls.

Shanique tells her daughter to hold her head up and not let anyone get under her skin. She also urges her daughter to tell her teacher as well as her when she’s having problems.

Robert comes home.

He joins the conversation about bullying.

Robert jokes that he’s short so he had to just slam bullies’ heads on the ground.

“I never had an issue with them again, never. Ever.” – Robert

Mack is frustrated with Britten.

Britten gets a FaceTime call from her husband Mack and their kids.

They tell her their first week of school was great.

In a green screen interview, Britten says she wants them to be living in California by the summer.

But it’s not an easy process. And Mack feels like Britten is taking forever to find a house.

While she denies purposely dragging her feet, Mack isn’t convinced.

But Britten says Mack hasn’t made things easy seeing as he refuses to live in LA.

He wants to live in the suburbs and she doesn’t.

Noelle takes her daughter to buy a new school uniform.

She’s transferring to a private school for 6th grade.

When they talk about handling bullies, her daughter tells her that she will throw hands if someone picks on her.

While Noelle loves her fiery spirit, she’s not sure that her daughter knows what she’s in for.

Asha goes to meet one of the executive producers of Days of Our Lives.

She’s trying to secure a role on the show.

Asha knows this is a major opportunity because many great actors got their start on a soap opera.

It’s time to read some lines.

After she reads them, the producer tells her that she did okay but he wants her to be more sassy.

In a green screen interview, Asha says she hates when she’s asked to be a stereotype.

After she reads the lines in a sassy tone, the producer is impressed.

Asha hopes she gets the part.

It’s the day of Imani’s bonding event.

Britten tells Imani that Mack is losing patience.

He wants the family living together again.

Imani says she’s worried about Jazmin. She hopes that Jazmin can receive her thoughts regarding her marriage and lifestyle.

Jazmin and Shanique ride to the shindig together.

On the way, Shanique tells Jazmin what Imani said about her house and husband.

This infuriates Jazmin and she calls Imani a hater.

In a green screen interview, Jazmin says that Imani is salty she doesn’t live in Beverly Hills.

When Shanique and Jazmin get there, Imani speaks and tries to hug Jazmin.

But Jazmin refuses the hug and says she doesn’t appreciate what Imani said about her. Imani decides to address the situation later but Jazmin calls Imani fake in a green screen interview.

When the women prepare to eat at the table, Jazmin urges Imani to tell her what she told Shanique.

Imani once again says they will discuss it later.

Seeing as things are getting tense, the women decide to move to the couches and away from the dishes and silverware.

Shanique and Asha discuss the party drama.

Asha admits that Shanique did tell her Lary’s ex Aneesah was coming to Robert’s party beforehand.

Then Asha says the issue is Shanique brought Aneesah around the group, but that was actually Heavenly.

After Noelle tries to take up for Asha, Shanique tells Noelle she has “no brain.”

Shanique accuses Asha of being a puppet master.

Then she tells Asha that Larry was gong back and forth with both women four years ago.

This revelation upsets Asha and she questions why the group isn’t calling out Shanique for her actions.

When they don’t reprimand Shanique the way Asha wants, Asha storms off.

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