After Porsha & Eva Drag NeNe + Kenya Throws Some Shade

Kenya Moore And NeNe
Photo Credit: Instagram

Kenya is one of the main reasons NeNe and Cynthia are no longer friends.

NeNe is convinced that Kandi and Cynthia have linked up with Kenya to push NeNe off RHOA.

Although Cynthia and Kandi have denied this, NeNe claims something will be revealed on the season finale and reunion.

As for Cynthia, she feels like NeNe is being childish. After Cynthia neglected to tell NeNe that Kenya was invited to her event, things went left.

By the time the women got together for the reunion, NeNe was only on good terms with Shamari and Marlo.

Since then, the women have been ganging up on NeNe something serious.

Both Eva and Porsha even dragged NeNe on Instagram recently.

And by the looks of it, Kenya enjoyed every second of it.

She posted the following to Instagram:

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