M2MLA Recap: Jazmin Confronts Imani Over Comments About House

Married To Medicine LA Season 1 Episode 5
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Asha calls up Larry.

While still at Imani’s event, Asha calls Larry to tell him what Shanique said.

He agrees that Shanique is being messy.

Meanwhile, Shanique defends inviting Larry’s ex to Robert’s party.

Asha wants to leave and demands an apology in order to stay.

Shanique apologizes for what she said about Larry. Asha thanks her.

In a green screen interview, Shanique says she was just laying everything out on the table. But she’s not saying Larry cheated.

Imani and Jazmin clash.

Britten then brings up what everyone has been saying about Jazmin’s house.

Jazmin immediately wants Imani to explain calling Jazmin’s house a drug dealer’s house.

After Imani says that the house reminded her of a drug dealer’s house she went to in the past, Jazmin chews her out.

When Jazmin says that everyone won’t have Imani’s level of success, Imani gets offended.

Jazmin questions why Imani would be accusing another black doctor of being a drug dealer. But Imani stands firm making it clear that these women won’t be seeing eye to eye.

In a green screen interview, Imani says she’s thankful she doesn’t have to spread her legs to succeed in life like Jazmin.

Irritated by everything that transpired, Shanique and Jazmin make their exit.

The couples discuss the drama between Shanique and Asha.

Larry says it’s not true that he dated Asha and his ex Aneesah at the same time.

He feels like Shanique and Robert are just trying to tear them down.

Robert tells Shanique to just make things right.

Back at Imani’s house, she discusses her fallout with Jazmin.

Phil understands why Jazmin would be offended.

But Imani doesn’t see the issue and stands by what she said.

Shanique and Britten go look at houses.

Britten is feeling the pressure from her husband Mack to find a house soon.

Noelle has another talk with her daughter Gabby.

She came home early and said she’s sick.

But Noelle knows she’s not sick.

Tuns out, Gabby doesn’t like her new school because the kids don’t look like her.

Noelle doesn’t know what to do.

Britten has an interview, Imani has no remorse.

Britten goes to an interview at a plastic surgeon’s office.

The interview goes well and Britten hopes she finds a job soon.

Imani gets another tattoo.

Britten tags along.

The women discuss Jazmin and Mack.

Imani still has no remorse about what she said about Jazmin’s house.

She also feels like Jazmin’s only real accomplishment is having a baby.

As for Britten, she’s still not happy that Mack gave her an ultimatum.

Noelle talks about Gabby’s troubles at her new school with her husband.

The situation is upsetting for Noelle too.

As she gets emotional, her husband consoles her.

Amid Imani’s feud with Jazmin, her mother encourages her to apologize.

Imani catches up with her mother.

She tells her what went down with Jazmin.

Imani stresses that she didn’t call Jazmin’s husband a drug dealer. She just said the house looks like a drug dealer’s house.

In a green screen interview, Imani says it was a joke and she doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong.

Her mother explains that Jazmin’s feelings are hurt. Jazmin may also feel like Imani doesn’t respect her accomplishments.

Imani’s mom urges her to talk to Jazmin and apologize. In a green screen interview, Imani says she will do this.

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