BFV Recap: Tamar Spoils Trina’s Proposal + Traci Goes off On Tamar and Towanda

 Braxton Family Values Season 6 finale
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Tamar scolds David for accepting Kevin’s cigar gift.

The finale continues at the Brasswood winery as the sisters begin day 3 of Tamar’s birthday trip. Everyone but Toni is there and everyone is calm.

Earlier, Kevin Sr. got David, Sean and Von a cigar. However, that irritated Tamar who’s against him smoking a cigar. They argue on and off camera.

Eventually, they calm down as they head to their lounge area. The other Braxtons can’t figure out why David can’t accept the cigar but they brush her off. As they smoke the cigars in front of Tamar, Tamar gets even more irritated and she leaves with David.

In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to be by anyone that smokes.

Interestingly enough, Von says he’s confused by Tamar calling the habit ghetto, pointing out that people of a certain socio-economic level smoke cigars.

When Tamar leaves, Traci brings up what happened in DC and New York with Cliff and LeTroy. Sean tells Traci that she and Tamar need to talk one on one about it. Towanda agrees with Sean and that sets Traci off.

“Here we go again! Another Braxton family vacation ruined.” – Trina

Tamar spoils Trina’s proposal.

Later on, Tamar goes to see Toni about what happened and Toni acts as a mediator. David and Tamar explain what happen with the Whiskey tasting and Kevin giving the cigars. Toni tells Tamar that she needs to lighten up about David, trusting that he won’t make a bad decision while hanging with her family.

Later that night, everyone arrives for dinner. All three Braxton couples show up but, Tamar and Traci aren’t talking to one another. Before dinner, Kevin and Sean shoot dice, annoying Tamar.

Toni shows up and notices that tension is high but brushes it off. The dinner goes off well until David asks Traci what she’s going to do for her birthday. David’s having a good time though, further annoying Tamar.

As the dinner goes on, Tamar gets to her wits end.

Things go over the edge when Tamar hops on her Instagram Live when Von takes the floor. Von proposes to Trina, surprising her.

Trina screams in excitement and everyone is clapping for her, except Tamar.

“But it’s my birthday though. What the f*** is going on?” – Tamar

So, she walks off as Trina and Von hug the family and David.

Toni runs off to see what’s wring with Tamar and Tamar cusses at Toni, telling her she recorded the proposal on her Instagram Live.

David and Sean plan to get the Braxtons to hash things out.

The next day is where things fully unravel for the Braxtons.

The day begins with David and Sean hanging out one on one. Sean hopes to get things back on track. Although David doesn’t agree with Tamar, he can see things from her prospective. He explains to Sean that it wasn’t expected for Tamar’s birthday celebration becoming a celebration for others.

However, Sean thinks this is a sign that there are some deep-rooted things between the sisters and he wants to get them to resolve it. David agrees and they set out on getting them to do just that.

Afterwards, David goes to see Tamar and presents a glass of wine. David tells Tamar that he talked to Sean. Tamar feels that Von should’ve talked to her first before proposing. David then tells Tamar about wanting to get them all to sit together and Tamar isn’t for it.

“I don’t feel like I’m in the wrong here.” – Tamar

Later on, Towanda, Traci, Kevin and Sean meet up for lunch. At lunch, Sean brings up to Towanda and Traci that they should talk to Tamar and the other sisters.

“If Iyanla couldn’t do it, Bishop couldn’t do it, so why the hell you think you could do it?” – Traci

At this point, Traci goes off, bringing up what happened in DC and NY.

Flashbacks play of the Braxtons sitting with Bishop T.D. Jakes, going off on the sisters.

David and Von bond.

Next, David goes to see Von. Von was surprised at the rage with Tamar. Von points out in the interview that he’s been getting negative feedback about the proposal, noting that Tamar shared the moment on Instagram Live.

David apologizes and tells Von about the plan to bring the sisters together. Von goes to get Trina and she reveals to David that she feels Tamar was a big brat for sharing the engagement on Instagram.

“I can’t absolve her for her actions.” – David

They agree that the sisters need to talk and Von hugs it out with David.

It’s their last night in Napa Valley and Towanda is ready to work things out with the sisters.

Things go off the rails with Traci and her sisters.

Traci arrives and she’s already on guard, specifically angry with David and Sean trying to bring everyone together. However, in her interview, Tamar says she’s happy for Trina and Von although, she hopes they don’t try to get married on her birthday a year from now.

Toni arrives last and notices that there’s so much tension with the sisters.

Eventually, David and Sean bring up trying to get the sisters to talk. As the men try to leave, Traci leaves with them.

“I’m with the fellas. I’m not in the family.” – Traci

When she walks off, Toni notes things aren’t going to work out. Traci runs off into the bathroom. Kevin returns and tells them about how Tamar’s feeling; rooted from when she was pregnant with Kevin Jr 25 years ago.

Things fall apart and Tamar ends up going back and forth with Kevin and Trina leaves with Von. As a matter of fact, Von’s ready to go home at this point. While Kevin and Traci are talking, Tamar tells Toni that Kevin needs to go back to jail if he’s going to keep lunging at her while they’re talking.

Eventually, Traci comes out of the bathroom ready to talk. But leaves when she is told Trina left. Tamar comes off slick at the mouth, and Traci returns one more time to give Tamar a piece of her mind.

“You make it so hard to f***ing love you.” – Traci

Afterwards, Kevin comes back trying to talk to the sisters about Traci but this leads to Tamar and Kevin having another spat of words.

Everything culminates when Traci tries to attack the executive producer in the hallway, pushing a camera man out of the way.

Toni’s ready for Traci to leave and isn’t sure how the sisters get past what happens.

Tamar says she no longer wants to film with Traci.

Traci lets Towanda have a piece of her mind.

Finally, it’s time for everyone to leave but not before Traci gives Towanda and Sean a piece of her mind. Traci’s done with everyone and specifically is angry with Sean and Towanda.

But before they leave, Towanda called Kevin and Traci to talk. When Traci gets there, Traci goes off, letting Towanda know she has extreme displeasure with Sean doing what he did the night before.

She tells Towanda, “I don’t know [Sean] from pack of Pringles.”

Kevin has to hold Traci back and then tells Sean his opinion about trying to mediate in the Braxton’s issues.

“Sean’s in over his head because he doesn’t know the family dynamic.” – Kevin

At the end of everything, Towanda calls Traci just her co-worker.

“You know Towanda, you are my co-worker. I do not want to deal with you.” – Traci

The season ends with Towanda saying Traci is stuck in the past and she isn’t sure if there is anything she can do.

Shortly after the the Napa Valley trip, the Braxtons suffered a loss when their brother Michael Jr’s daughter passed away. While grieving, the sisters agreed to make amends in the future.

Currently they are taking time apart for reflection.

What are your thoughts on the episode and season?

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