Is Apollo Nida’s Fiancée Responsible for Him Being Sent Back to Prison?

Apollo Nida Fiancee
Photo Credit: Bravo

It’s been a crazy few days for Apollo Nida.

The reality star and ex-husband to Phaedra Parks was recently released from prison.

Since it was an early release, he was sent to a halfway house in Philadelphia to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Days later, it was confirmed he was taken back into custody.

US Marshals claimed Apollo broke a “technical condition of his release.”

While it was never confirmed what rule Apollo broke, his fiancee addressed the reports on Instagram.

Sherien Almufti actually blasted Apollo’s probation officer on the platform.

She also accused his PO of being jealous.

Check out the screenshot below.

In related news, blogger Sandra Rose claims she heard Apollo violated the halfway house rules.

She was told Apollo was allegedly caught “having relations.” But the source never specified who he was allegedly “having relations” with.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed as US Marshals aren’t saying much.

Interestingly enough, hours after Apollo was placed in the halfway house, Sherien shared this on her IG Story:

In the clip Sherien posted, she’s rocking lacy underwear while Apollo rubs on her butt. And it looks like they were on top of a bed in the halfway house.

If it’s true that Apollo was told not to have “relations” in the halfway house, it probably wasn’t a good idea for Sherien to share this on her Instagram account.

What are your thoughts?

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