Fix My Life Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: Mother Doesn't Know Best
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‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Iyanla Works With a Lesbian Couple & A Mother’s Meddling

Fix My Life Season 9 Episode 15 Recap

Photo Credit: OWN

Eve needs to move out of the house.

The episode begins with Grace showing up with her spouse Kenyette and her mom Eve.

First, Iyanla takes them into a bedroom decorated with dollhouses. One of the dollhouses is disheveled. Grace and Kenyette pick the messy dollhouse. During this conversation, Grace reveals she’s frustrated and tired of Eve and Kenyette bickering constantly.

So Iyanla takes Eve to talk first one one one. Eve says Kenyette doesn’t want to “share” Grace. She moved in with her daughter two years ago. Her ex-husband dropped her off at Grace’s before divorcing.

That was her fourth divorce. During her first marriage, she was an alcoholic and Iyanla notes that children of alcoholics typically end up taking care of their parents.

Another source of friction is that Eve doesn’t agree with Grace living as a lesbian. However, Eve doesn’t admit to this. In fact, she says her feelings don’t affect Grace.

Iyanla presses Eve and Eve end up saying she feels uncomfortable seeing them “touch.”

Eve begins to cry when Iyanla suggests Eve should begin looking to move out of her daughter’s residence.

Iyanla asks her how it feels to be unable to take care of herself. Eve says it makes her feel inadequate. But Eve says she’s been all alone since she was a child.

Overall, Iyanla says Eve needs to take responsibility for her contributions to the issues in her family.

Grace reveals Eve’s addicted to crack cocaine.

Next, Iyanla sits with Grace and Grace says she feels in the middle. During this conversation, Grace reveals Eve was addicted to crack cocaine. Iyanla tells her that she’s constantly having to save Eve from her dependency to drugs.

Grace and Kenyette have been together for 20 years and got married in 2008. However, Kenyette didn’t move into the house until after Eve moved in. Iyanla does all but tell Grace to let Eve go and have her move out.

During their conversation, Eve causes a stir with the producers, telling them she wants to commit suicide.

“I just so tired of people kicking me to the curb.” – Eve

Iyanla tells her they may be another way to resolve the relationship with Grace and Kenyette. First, Iyanla explains to Eve that she has to realize that the house is also Kenyette’s house and that her daughter has always been bis*xual.

“You didn’t know this because when she was 13, 14, and 15, you were busy smoking crack.” – Iyanla

This talk seems to have walked Eve back from the edge.

Eve triggers unhealed feelings in Kenyette.

Next, Kenyette meets with Iyanla and she’s adamant about Eve moving out. Kenyette says Eve picks on her when Eve’s mad at anything. Iyanla probes into Kenyette and exposes she’s holding onto wounds from being teased about her s*xuality as a child.

“She’s triggering up all this stuff that didn’t heal.” – Iyanla

Finally, Iyanla brings all of them together to demonstrate how Eve causes conflict with Kenyette. They all perform an exercise that shows how they each “get out of their lane” in relation to their family structure.

During this exercise, Iyanla confronts Eve for not telling her she suffered from a crack addiction. Not only does Iyana call her a liar, but she also says this behavior is the main reason why there’s friction between Grace and Kenyette.

Eve finally opens up about her addictions.

After this intense session, Iyanla takes Eve to talk one on one again but still presses her on opening up about her crack addiction. Iyanla tells Eve that there’s a part of her that is “vile” and drives people away. Eve says her church members don’t say this to her. Iyanla responds by saying that they likely say it behind her back.

Iyanla gets Eve to finally open up about the addiction, telling her God saved her for a reason.

The women made it to day two with Iyanla and Grace and Kenyette meet with Iyanla. Grace apologizes for not listening to Kenyette regarding her mom. They both decide that Eve needs to live on her own. They decide to give Kenyette 90 days to get things together to move out. Kenyette’s fearful Eve will blame her for this and lash out.

Iyanla decides to have them both sit with Eve together to explain everything to her, with Iyanla watching. But before this occurs, Iyanla checks in on her to see if Eve has the ability to handle this.

Eve’s able to articulate to Iyanla that she needs to change her behavior, which satisfies Iyanla. So, Iyanla brings them all together and Grace gives Eve the news about needing to move out. Eve accepts this and apologizes to them both for her behavior in their home. Grace and Kenyette forgive her. Kenyette also apologizes to Eve for being disrespectful. Eve accepts this apology.

Since filming, Eve moved into her own apartment were Grace and Kenyette visit her.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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