‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Erica Dixon Exposes Bambi’s Mother

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Erica feels like the most recent episode of LHHATL was heavily edited to protect Scrappy, Bambi, and Cece.

In fact, she claims Cece actually treats Emani horribly.

And things have gotten so bad that she will no longer allow Cece around Emani.

Here’s what she had to say on Instagram Live:

What do I think about tonight’s episode?

Child, let me just say this. They sugarcoated a lot of stuff, especially about Bambi’s mom.  I don’t like her hands down and the reason I don’t like her is because she insulted Emani three times.

She called my child a label wh*re.

My child was vacationing with her dad and she thought Emani had an attitude or some sh*t, went in her room and asked her if she had an attitude. Emani was like no and she was like because I fight scary a*s kids like you.

Emani ran out crying, told Momma Dee, they got into it. And she was told not to make me aware of this. And then her mom turned around and said that she don’t think Emani should be around her little brother cause she gon harm him, so…

They cut all that sh*t out I guess to save face…

As a mother,  I don’t play that sh*t about my kids. So I’m quite sure she feels the same way so you not gon keep insulting my got d*mn child and think you gon get away with it.  That don’t fly with me.

So it’s gon always be just negative energy when she’s in the vicinity. If she’s there. But right now I make sure she’s not around my child.

You can watch the video below.


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