‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jennifer Gives A Message to Shaunie + Tami Reveals Her Secret

Basketball Wives Season 8 Episode 5
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Jennifer has a message for Shaunie.

The episode with Tammy stopping by Jessica Rich’s store. They’re collaborating on a shoe together and are celebrating the process. OG stops by and Tami wants to check in on her after the brunch sit-down they had on last week’s episode.

OG appreciates Tami having her back.

Meanwhile, Jennifer sits down with Kristen and Jennifer tells her about her therapy session.

The last time Kristen saw Jennifer was at Jackie’s crystal party. So Jennifer gives Kristen a card she wants to be passed on to Shaunie.

Byron and CeCe are at their engagement party and all of their friends and most of their family shows up. This includes Jackie and Malaysia. While at the event, Jackie wonders if OG is there and Malaysia wonders where Londen is.

She notices that Byron doesn’t have much family there.

Malaysia feels some type of way about this but Jackie tells her to look and stay positive.

Malaysia accuses OG of spreading hurtful information.

Her sadness turns to anger when Malaysia realizes OG is in the building. While CeCe is addressing her crowd, Malaysia heads over to OG to confront her. OG feels angry as she feels Malaysia and everyone is attacking her character.

Tami and Jessica’s hosting a launch party for their shoe collaboration and Tami is keeping the guest list real small. And by small, It’s just Jackie and OG present at the event. Of course, Reggie is present too and interestingly enough, Tami’s conversation with Jazz about Kenny came up. Tami says she’s cutting down her smoking and trying to get healthier in general.

She’s also prepared to let the girls know about their marriage. She’s ready to tell Jackie and OG about everything.

Meanwhile, Shaunie is throwing a huge birthday party for Shaqir. She rented a house and got rapper Blueface to perform at the party. Shaunie invited Kristen, Evelyn, and Jackie to help chaperone.

While at the party, Kristen pulls Shaunie aside to give her Jennifer’s card. The card is a thank you for the hug at the crystal party.

Shaunie invites Jennifer on the next ladies’ trip.

Shaunie then plans a trip to San Diego and lets everyone know that everyone is going to be invited, included Tami. Kristen also openly wonders if Jennifer can attend and Shaunie’s open to it.

Tami planed a big reveal party and is having a mural painted to show everyone. Tami tells Jazz that she only invited those that she felt supported herself. The only ones invited were Jackie and OG. Overall the guest list was small and intimate.

When they reveal their marriage to everyone with the mural, Jackie cusses them out, out of joy.

They reveal to everyone that they’ve been married since August 16th, 2018.

Overall, Tami was happy she told who she told and wouldn’t make any changes. OG’s happy for Tami and Reggie but Jackie’s a little disappointed she wasn’t involved and didn’t know sooner. She did help Reggie propose to Tami after all, and Tami pulls her aside to apologize.

Tensions immediately run high when Jennifer arrives in San Diego.

Everyone is getting ready for the San Diego trip and Jackie and Malaysia are out shopping for the trip when Feby and Evelyn stop by. Evelyn tells everyone that Shaunie invited Jennifer to the San Diego trip.

Feby says she’s not participating in any foolishness. She also invites the girls to a showcase and it’s revealed she’s going to perform an OG diss track. She’s going to mention OG wearing a fake Louie shirt.

She gives them a bit of the song and they all conclude that it’s gonna be fighting words. Especially since Feby shaded OG’s boyfriend. Malaysia’s also ready to give OG a piece of her mind.

It’s time for everyone to head to San Diego and Shaunie is already bracing for the worst-case scenario. Jennifer reached out to Shaunie to confirm the invite and is bringing a friend with her. The friend is Dominique and she was married to an NBA player as well.

Feby tells everyone that Dominique is in Jennifer’s corner squarely.

They all arrive at the resort and check out their expansive hotel rooms. In a car, Dominique tells Jackie and OG Jennifer still has tremendous love for Evelyn.

Jennifer, Jackie, Dominique, and OG arrive and Shaunie greets them outside. Evelyn’s already annoyed as she listens in to the conversation. Dominque and Jennifer agree about the guest house and Jackie tells Evelyn Jennifer wants a one on one talk with Evelyn and Evelyn says no.

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