'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' Recap: R Kelly's Daughter Almost Took Her Own Life
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‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Recap: R Kelly’s Daughter Almost Took Her Own Life

GUHHATL Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

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JD jokes with Bow Wow.

This week’s episode begins with Bow Wow meeting up with JD for the first time since his February incident. Da Brat’s there too and Bow Wow’s expecting to hear, “I told you so.”

JD says this incident wasn’t positive at all and Bow Wow needs to learn a lesson. In fact, JD was with Bow Wow and Kiyomi and says Bow Wow was cussing Kiyomi out.

“This might be the night [something happens].” – JD

Bow Wow’s not happy with JD joking with him and making light of Bow Wow’s 24 hours in jail.

Of course, Bow Wow tells JD and Da Brat Angela Simmons came to see him and tells them about his pact he made with Angela; getting married in four years if neither of them is in a relationship. They both dismiss this.

Ayana still isn’t here for Brandon.

Meanwhile, Ayana visits Deb at her home and Brandon becomes a topic of conversation. Ayana tells Deb about their argument at Bow Wow’s party. She tells Deb she purposely told Brandon a lie to see if it would get back to her which it did.

Ayana also tells Deb she doesn’t believe Brandon’s really in the firefighter academy, pointing out Brandon hasn’t lost any weight. Interestingly enough, Brandon posted an image of a firetruck to his Instagram page but it didn’t seem he was riding the truck.

Overall, Deb doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, Brandon heads to a gym to work out with Reemarkable. Ree mentions that Brandon could be lying but she wants to keep him in her corner to get and stay close to Deb.

After their workout, they both talk about Bow Wow. Despite Reemarkable having positive words about Bow Wow, Brandon says he and Bow Wow aren’t in a good place.

Lastly, Brandon commits to helping Ree out with her music.

R. Kelly made bond and Andrea isn’t happy.

Andrea’s getting messages about her ex-husband R. Kelly getting arrested for not paying her over 160k in Child Support. She’s been also getting threats from fans on social media. She calls her oldest daughter Buku to tell her about the latest headlines.

They both are tired of talking about it but Angela really wants that $160,000 from Robert.

Next, she meets up with Tammy at a Midtown, Atlanta nail salon. Andrea and Tammy talk about the headlines and Tammy’s still in her corner. Andrea really takes offense to Robert not paying any child support but has two live-in girlfriends.

Tammy can relate because she went through a lot of stuff, including a divorce with Charlie’s biological father.

Deb’s birthday is coming up and Andrea wants to plan an all-girls party with Tammy for Deb.

Reemarkable impresses at her showcase.

Deb and Da Brat are out to see Reemarkable perform at a showcase. Da Brat is eager to see her perform because she’s not going to give her any shortcuts. However, Brandon shows up and Da Brat wants nothing to do with him. So she ignores him.

When the performance begins, Ree rubs Da Brat and Deb the wrong way when Ree calls herself the “Queen of the South.” However, they seem pleased with her performance and see plenty of potential in Ree.

After the performance, Deb and Brat give Ree pointers and are ready to work with her.

Of course, Bow Wow showed up fashionably late and Brandon wants to take this time to hash things out. But first, Bow Wow tries to flirt with Ree and gets curved, and Bow Wow tells Deb he linked up with Angela. Deb tells Bow Wow to focus on himself.

Ree’s boyfriend Chevy supported her at the performance. They’ve been dating for over 10 years and Ree says don’t ask her why they aren’t married, yet.

Brandon and Bow Wow seemingly squash the beef.

Finally, when Bow Wow and Brandon link up, Brandon asks about the shade Bow Wow threw at him on social media. Bow Wow says he couldn’t remember and tells him that he doesn’t have a problem with him.

The next day, Bow Wow brings BT and Pimpin’ to a spa for vitamin drips. They talk about Bow Wow’s relationship and BT says Bow Wow seemed like he was in prison when he dated Kiyomi. Despite the proposal pact with Angela, he tells his boys that no one will see jewelry on his left ring finger.

During their time in the spa, they get news about R. Kelly’s bail situation. Bow Wow says he can only judge R. Kelly based on his interactions with him in the studio. He also compares his legal situation to R’s and Jussie Smollett’s saying that his thing is small compared to their cases.

Andrea’s daughter Buku’s tired of the R. Kelly drama.

Buku gets the news herself and it just furthers her sadness about the situation and being R. Kelly’s daughter. Andrea and Buku talk about the Child support situation. Andrea says Robert should’ve gotten “50 jobs” to pay off the past child support.

However, Buku’s numb to situation and does her best to block the negativity on social media. Things are so heavy for Buku, she says she’s attempted to take her own life once. However, Buku says music saved her life.

The episode ends with Deb and Da Brat heading to a studio that may house their artist boot camp. Deb thinks the place is perfect. However, Da Brat isn’t really feeling the building, calling it a dump.

Things turn sour just a bit when Deb tells Da Brat she invited Andrea Kelly to join them in their boot camp venture. Da Brat isn’t happy Deb didn’t talk to her first about Andrea and feels Andrea isn’t an important part of their camp.

The two end up arguing and Da Brat walks away.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Annette

    July 12, 2019 at 11:38 am

    I said in June 2019 that andrea Kelly was lying about that child support quote: I only know about it when it’s in the news unquote I knew u reported it but anyway u & ur daughter need 2 get a job
    Why u are even on the show? constantly using his name..

  2. What!

    July 14, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Andrea Kelly story never made sense to me. She defends him on social media but cries at the same time.

  3. Annette

    July 16, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Andrea Kelly u keep going after R.Kelly for money.Why haven’t said anything about ur second marriage R.kelly was paying u alimony & when u got married that stop now u want increase in child support. Are u going 2 go after ur second husband for alimony 😏?

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