LisaRaye is Upset She Learned Da Brat & Judy Dupart Are Expecting from Social Media

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Da Brat is in love.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” star Da Brat has always been vocal about how close she is to her sister LisaRaye McCoy. In the past, she’s enjoyed telling stories about what it was like for them to grow up together. LisaRaye was one of Brat’s closest friends. And she always said that through it all, she never had to wonder if LisaRaye would be there to have her back. After Da Brat had to spend time in prison for aggravated assault, LisaRaye was the one who would always try her hardest to keep Da Brat on the right track. She never wanted Brat to go through dark times like that again. So LisaRaye was shocked that Da Brat would not include her in some of the happiest moments of her life as of late.

Da Brat has found love with Jesseca “Judy” Dupart. And while they have been very public about their romance, Da Brat’s relationship with Judy is what made her decide to come out. It was a huge moment for Da Brat because she worried about how the public would receive this. However, it was LisaRaye’s reaction that led to plenty of headlines.

LisaRaye’s relationship with Da Brat has been tested.

Da Brat made a surprise appearance on Fox Soul’s “Cocktails with Queens” on LisaRaye’s birthday. This was something that the other hosts thought would make LisaRaye very happy. However, LisaRaye actually wasn’t. And she called out Da Brat. According to LisaRaye, she had to learn of Da Brat coming out on social media. She also didn’t know how serious the relationship was until social media as well. After seeing how hurt LisaRaye was by the ordeal, it hurt Da Brat. Luckily, the sisters were able to move past this. They discussed it on Da Brat and Judy’s show, “Brat Loves Judy.” Da Brat said she kept these details away from her sister because she worried that Lisa wouldn’t approve.

Well, it seems as if Da Brat didn’t share her baby news with LisaRaye either. During a recent interview, LisaRaye confirmed she learned about the baby on social media. And she’s seemingly hurt that she once again had to find out about Da Brat’s happy news online.

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